The Lost Human Connection

Technology is a wonderful thing and it continues to thrive to  improve  lives and make our day-to-day tasks easier and more productive.  With it we have closed the gap of distance so that communication with the world is easier and more productive. It has turned our planet into one global economy where we are able to share our  idea’s and talents at an alarming rate and for an extremely low-cost. Continue reading

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In My Country, They Need to Speak English

I was with friends the other night and one of the subjects that came up was concerning people who come to this country and have conversations in their native language. I think that we have all experienced it at one time or another. We as a people become uncomfortable when people are talking amongst themselves and we are not able to understand them.

We have people here illegally that have conversations in their native language, yet we feel that if they are in this country, that they have an obligation to not only learn english, but that they should speak it exclusively. While I can understand this, I am not sure that I can fully agree with it.

We are a nation that is composed of many cultures, dialects and beliefs. This has been true throughout our history. While I can agree that a common language should be spoken, I can not agree that a person should have to give up their native language when they speak  among themselves. I do not believe that they are being rude when having a private conversation amongst themselves. However,  maybe they are.

If  the rule is, that a common language should only be spoken within a society, then should that not apply when we visit another country? How is it that we can visit another country and expect them to speak english?  Should we also be restricted from speaking english in a country where english is not the spoken language? What is it that makes us believe that we are the enlightened ones and that the world rest of the world should conform to the standards that we establish?

These are the questions that have haunted my mind as I started to reflect on the subject. I believe that  most of the american people have the mindset that they are entitled to have the rest of the world conform to a system that only benefits our culture. We somehow have believed that we are the greatest nation in the world with the most enlightened minds. We are the leader in all things. Yet, we are behind the world in education, science, technology and so forth.



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Going Home

Yes, it is true that I want to go home. I believe that we all do. But, this is a home that I have never been to or seen before. It is an idea and my heart is pulling me there. So I am going home. I am going to find a way to get there and then make plans to go.

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to this place. I cannot explain it. yet my heart is pulling me there. Most people would never understand it because this home is not even in this country, yet this is the place that I am going too. How is it that I can explain to family and friends this desire of my heart is just one of the obstacles that needs to be overcome. But, I am going home

You may wonder if it is because I hate my country or you may think that I am giving up my freedom because I am leaving. The TRUTH is that I am establishing my freedom by doing so. Seeing that freedom is a state of mind and that I consider myself a global citizen, I am free to leave this country in search for a different and/or better life.

There out countless people that have left their homes to come to this country and there are countless people that continue to enter this country everyday. On the other hand, there are countless people that are leaving this country in search of a better life away from the abuse of the controllers.

The truth; as I see it, is that one is not truly free in this country. There are elements of our society that have stripped us of what freedoms we have and strive to enslave us to conform to the model that they have set forth. This is easy enough to see if one will just look with open eyes and open minds.

The sad fact is that the sheep just follow like mindless drones as they are manipulated by the lies of the media which has become the propaganda arm of the government. The sheep are instructed on how to think as they are dumb down by the constant assault of the mind numbing dribble from the media. I myself prefer to look both ways before crossing the street unlike the sheep that just go wherever they are lead. The sad think is that the sheep can’t even see the danger that is before them.

Imagine if you will of living in an environment where life is celebrated. A place where life is simple and that the major concerns are shelter from the storms and food for the stomach. Imagine a place where one does not have to be concerned about keep up with technology, but is able to enjoy the simple things that comes ones way. Think about how nice it would be to just walk on the beach or along some trails. To enjoy fresh air and clean untainted water. To be able to share with others without becoming obligated to them.

This is the life that is before me. I have found places that offer this. It is a matter of selecting the next place that I desire to go although it may not be the final place. The point being that I am going home. I am heading to the place that my heart is leading me without reservations. I am leaving the place of my birth.

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The Measure of Success

The measure of success is not determined about how much money one makes or one’s status in a society. We have all been duped into believing that we need to make a 6 figure income in order to be successful. But, the balance of your bank account nor the amount of your credit worthiness are not factors to determine that you have been successful.

What determines ones success is whether or not one has obtain the goals that they have set forth. Not only financially, but in any area’s in one’s life. It is the individual that sets the goals for their live.

Let say for example that  you determine that you do not want to be caught up in climbing the corporate ladder and that staying in the mailroom is fine. You want to be able to live a simple life and pay your bill without the headaches of management. If you accomplish this; being able to manage your finances on a smaller income; then you are a success.

Maybe your desire is only to work part time so that you are free to pursue other interests. If you are able to do this without being a drain on society, then you too are a success. It is all about reaching the goals that you set forth.

On the other hand, if you want to build a multi-million empire and you are able to reach that goal, then guess what? You have obtained your goal. You have met your challenge. You have completed the mission that you set out for yourself. Therefore, you are a success.

As I stated, success is only measured by one’s individual goals What one sets forth for ones self. The question to ask yourself is “Did I accomplish what I set  out to do?”

I for one do not want to work 70 hours a week just to make money to pay for a bunch of junk that I do not need. I do not need to impress anyone nor do I have any desire to “Keep up with the Jones”  I want the time to explore other venues without being tied down to the corporate servitude. Since I not longer have to do this,  then I have reached my objective.

The measure of success is always growing as you set new goals and objectives. I have found that working to obtain these is challenging and satisfying. I also, have found that sometimes we fail. Not, to be discouraged. Just back up, re-evaluate and press on.

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Preparing to Escape

So just what do we mean by the statement, “Preparing to Escape” ? Well, this is composed of many factors of which you will discover that you have been imprisoned for as long as you can remember. Preparing to escape starts off with the recognition that one is imprisoned. We are being lied too and manipulated by elements of our culture who simple want to control every aspect of our lives. Just to list a few examples:

  • They want to control our choice in Health Care
  • They want to control how we raise our children
  • They want to control what goes in our drinking water, such as fluoride.
  • They want to control our retirement
  • They want to control our moral and/or religious beliefs
  • They want to fine and/or imprison those for the things that they mandate is a crime. Just how many laws are on the books that are unjust?
  • The list goes on and on

Think about it. If those that have the power want to control every aspect of our lives, then are we truly free? If we are not free, then we are slaves to the establishment. One has to recognize that they are imprisoned before they can desire freedom.

How many of us really believe the official report in regards to the 911 attack? I think that we can all agree that information has and is being withheld. While it is a terrible tragedy, the fact is that we can’t even begin to know what happened, who was involved, who organized and set it motion, and just who is really responsible. While I can agree that there are an abundance of far fetched theories out there, I can not wrap my brain around the official report.

The first step in preparing to escape is simply not to believe the continuation of lies, and since we can’t believe these lies, we seek the truth. The first step is too simply free our minds and use our brains to ask if it what we are being told is even logical. When I was young, I just believed what I was told because I thought my instructors knew more than I did. Now that I am old, I see that they were great part of the deception. I choose not to be deceived so readily.

Patriotism is a powerful tool in the craft of manipulating the masses which I shall refer to as sheep. These sheep do not even have to know the reason why they are being sent to their slaughter other than it is for the good of the flock and that their master commands it. Funny thing about patriotism, with it one can justify the slaughter of the innocent.

We have seen it throughout history and we know that our own nation is guilty of it. Just how many innocent have we slaughtered in the name of our country because our so called leaders commanded it? How many are being killed today as you read this?

So the question that you have to ask yourself is where is you allegiance. Is it to a nation that continues to enslave those that it has power over, or is it to the global community. While you may live under the powers of the powers that seek to control us, you do have to believe the continuation of lies.

There is a movement of those that are leaving this country in hopes of finding a better life abroad. They have come to the realization that they are global citizens and do not feel compelled to stay in a nation that is detrimental to their well-being. While I am not advocating that one should leave the country that they were born and raised, I will say that as a global citizen, one is free to take the wealth that it has obtained and relocate to a location that is more suitable to their lifestyle, goals and desires. One should not feel compelled to stay in a place that they do not want to be. We have all heard it before. “If you don’t like this country, you can leave”” and “Freedom is not free”

As I stated, I am not advocating that one should pack up and leave the country for what they believe is a better life. But, if that is your decision, then I would recommend that you start making your plans today. Do not put it off because tomorrow never gets here. Keep in mind that a lot of people have done so in the past and a lot of people continue to do it today. Remember that all of our ancestors have done so for what they believed was a better life.

If you desire is to stay in this country, you can still free you minds by not allowing your minds to be dumb downed like the rest of the sheep are doing. Freedom is a state of mind. Turn off the TV.

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