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Freedom is NOT FREE

“Freedom is not free” is an American phrase used widely in the United States to express gratitude to the military for supposedly defending our personal freedoms. This empowers the war machine and put as regular folk in a state of submission to those that would have power over us as if we owe them a great debt for something that comes as a natural process of being a life form.

The concept of being free just because one is an American is probably the greatest deception put upon a people since the Roman Empire. The very idea that we should be indebted to this great imperial military complex under the delusion that they are the ones that keep us free, is an insult to anyone that wishes to be free of the molestation of these rulers that continue to imprison its people while telling them that it is for their own good.

Now, I am not saying the the members of the military are evil. What I will say is that they are brainwashed into believing that they are the instrument necessary to ensure that our way of life is protected.  While their intentions may be good, they soon are conditioned to believe that they are superior to the regular folks who need to be treated as sheep since they do not know any better. We see this mindset throughout our society in law enforcement and the military and have been condition to accept it as normal.