In My Country, They Need to Speak English

I was with friends the other night and one of the subjects that came up was concerning people who come to this country and have conversations in their native language. I think that we have all experienced it at one time or another. We as a people become uncomfortable when people are talking amongst themselves and we are not able to understand them.

We have people here illegally that have conversations in their native language, yet we feel that if they are in this country, that they have an obligation to not only learn english, but that they should speak it exclusively. While I can understand this, I am not sure that I can fully agree with it.

We are a nation that is composed of many cultures, dialects and beliefs. This has been true throughout our history. While I can agree that a common language should be spoken, I can not agree that a person should have to give up their native language when they speak  among themselves. I do not believe that they are being rude when having a private conversation amongst themselves. However,  maybe they are.

If  the rule is, that a common language should only be spoken within a society, then should that not apply when we visit another country? How is it that we can visit another country and expect them to speak english?  Should we also be restricted from speaking english in a country where english is not the spoken language? What is it that makes us believe that we are the enlightened ones and that the world rest of the world should conform to the standards that we establish?

These are the questions that have haunted my mind as I started to reflect on the subject. I believe that  most of the american people have the mindset that they are entitled to have the rest of the world conform to a system that only benefits our culture. We somehow have believed that we are the greatest nation in the world with the most enlightened minds. We are the leader in all things. Yet, we are behind the world in education, science, technology and so forth.



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