The Measure of Success

The measure of success is not determined about how much money one makes or one’s status in a society. We have all been duped into believing that we need to make a 6 figure income in order to be successful. But, the balance of your bank account nor the amount of your credit worthiness are not factors to determine that you have been successful.

What determines ones success is whether or not one has obtain the goals that they have set forth. Not only financially, but in any area’s in one’s life. It is the individual that sets the goals for their live.

Let say for example that  you determine that you do not want to be caught up in climbing the corporate ladder and that staying in the mailroom is fine. You want to be able to live a simple life and pay your bill without the headaches of management. If you accomplish this; being able to manage your finances on a smaller income; then you are a success.

Maybe your desire is only to work part time so that you are free to pursue other interests. If you are able to do this without being a drain on society, then you too are a success. It is all about reaching the goals that you set forth.

On the other hand, if you want to build a multi-million empire and you are able to reach that goal, then guess what? You have obtained your goal. You have met your challenge. You have completed the mission that you set out for yourself. Therefore, you are a success.

As I stated, success is only measured by one’s individual goals What one sets forth for ones self. The question to ask yourself is “Did I accomplish what I set  out to do?”

I for one do not want to work 70 hours a week just to make money to pay for a bunch of junk that I do not need. I do not need to impress anyone nor do I have any desire to “Keep up with the Jones”  I want the time to explore other venues without being tied down to the corporate servitude. Since I not longer have to do this,  then I have reached my objective.

The measure of success is always growing as you set new goals and objectives. I have found that working to obtain these is challenging and satisfying. I also, have found that sometimes we fail. Not, to be discouraged. Just back up, re-evaluate and press on.

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