Going Home

Yes, it is true that I want to go home. I believe that we all do. But, this is a home that I have never been to or seen before. It is an idea and my heart is pulling me there. So I am going home. I am going to find a way to get there and then make plans to go.

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to this place. I cannot explain it. yet my heart is pulling me there. Most people would never understand it because this home is not even in this country, yet this is the place that I am going too. How is it that I can explain to family and friends this desire of my heart is just one of the obstacles that needs to be overcome. But, I am going home

You may wonder if it is because I hate my country or you may think that I am giving up my freedom because I am leaving. The TRUTH is that I am establishing my freedom by doing so. Seeing that freedom is a state of mind and that I consider myself a global citizen, I am free to leave this country in search for a different and/or better life.

There out countless people that have left their homes to come to this country and there are countless people that continue to enter this country everyday. On the other hand, there are countless people that are leaving this country in search of a better life away from the abuse of the controllers.

The truth; as I see it, is that one is not truly free in this country. There are elements of our society that have stripped us of what freedoms we have and strive to enslave us to conform to the model that they have set forth. This is easy enough to see if one will just look with open eyes and open minds.

The sad fact is that the sheep just follow like mindless drones as they are manipulated by the lies of the media which has become the propaganda arm of the government. The sheep are instructed on how to think as they are dumb down by the constant assault of the mind numbing dribble from the media. I myself prefer to look both ways before crossing the street unlike the sheep that just go wherever they are lead. The sad think is that the sheep can’t even see the danger that is before them.

Imagine if you will of living in an environment where life is celebrated. A place where life is simple and that the major concerns are shelter from the storms and food for the stomach. Imagine a place where one does not have to be concerned about keep up with technology, but is able to enjoy the simple things that comes ones way. Think about how nice it would be to just walk on the beach or along some trails. To enjoy fresh air and clean untainted water. To be able to share with others without becoming obligated to them.

This is the life that is before me. I have found places that offer this. It is a matter of selecting the next place that I desire to go although it may not be the final place. The point being that I am going home. I am heading to the place that my heart is leading me without reservations. I am leaving the place of my birth.

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