Preparing to Escape

So just what do we mean by the statement, “Preparing to Escape” ? Well, this is composed of many factors of which you will discover that you have been imprisoned for as long as you can remember. Preparing to escape starts off with the recognition that one is imprisoned. We are being lied too and manipulated by elements of our culture who simple want to control every aspect of our lives. Just to list a few examples:

  • They want to control our choice in Health Care
  • They want to control how we raise our children
  • They want to control what goes in our drinking water, such as fluoride.
  • They want to control our retirement
  • They want to control our moral and/or religious beliefs
  • They want to fine and/or imprison those for the things that they mandate is a crime. Just how many laws are on the books that are unjust?
  • The list goes on and on

Think about it. If those that have the power want to control every aspect of our lives, then are we truly free? If we are not free, then we are slaves to the establishment. One has to recognize that they are imprisoned before they can desire freedom.

How many of us really believe the official report in regards to the 911 attack? I think that we can all agree that information has and is being withheld. While it is a terrible tragedy, the fact is that we can’t even begin to know what happened, who was involved, who organized and set it motion, and just who is really responsible. While I can agree that there are an abundance of far fetched theories out there, I can not wrap my brain around the official report.

The first step in preparing to escape is simply not to believe the continuation of lies, and since we can’t believe these lies, we seek the truth. The first step is too simply free our minds and use our brains to ask if it what we are being told is even logical. When I was young, I just believed what I was told because I thought my instructors knew more than I did. Now that I am old, I see that they were great part of the deception. I choose not to be deceived so readily.

Patriotism is a powerful tool in the craft of manipulating the masses which I shall refer to as sheep. These sheep do not even have to know the reason why they are being sent to their slaughter other than it is for the good of the flock and that their master commands it. Funny thing about patriotism, with it one can justify the slaughter of the innocent.

We have seen it throughout history and we know that our own nation is guilty of it. Just how many innocent have we slaughtered in the name of our country because our so called leaders commanded it? How many are being killed today as you read this?

So the question that you have to ask yourself is where is you allegiance. Is it to a nation that continues to enslave those that it has power over, or is it to the global community. While you may live under the powers of the powers that seek to control us, you do have to believe the continuation of lies.

There is a movement of those that are leaving this country in hopes of finding a better life abroad. They have come to the realization that they are global citizens and do not feel compelled to stay in a nation that is detrimental to their well-being. While I am not advocating that one should leave the country that they were born and raised, I will say that as a global citizen, one is free to take the wealth that it has obtained and relocate to a location that is more suitable to their lifestyle, goals and desires. One should not feel compelled to stay in a place that they do not want to be. We have all heard it before. “If you don’t like this country, you can leave”” and “Freedom is not free”

As I stated, I am not advocating that one should pack up and leave the country for what they believe is a better life. But, if that is your decision, then I would recommend that you start making your plans today. Do not put it off because tomorrow never gets here. Keep in mind that a lot of people have done so in the past and a lot of people continue to do it today. Remember that all of our ancestors have done so for what they believed was a better life.

If you desire is to stay in this country, you can still free you minds by not allowing your minds to be dumb downed like the rest of the sheep are doing. Freedom is a state of mind. Turn off the TV.

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