I would rather die fighting against tyranny, than to be slaughtered as a willing slave.

When governments take the course of ruling over the people under it’s control, then those people are no longer free and become subject to tyranny. We have seen over the course of history that this has indeed been the case; and while they have given the people the illusion of freedom; the fact is that the intent to enslave humanity has always been the ultimate goal. In order to control humanity, they must reduce our numbers so that we will never have the power to rise up against them.

The tool that the governments use to maintain control over the people is simple and it is the tool that they have always used. That tool is called fear. For when the people are afraid, they will prostate themselves before these tyrannical inhuman monsters and give up everything, just for the illusion of being safe. However, this just puts them in more danger of being destroyed by those that have been put into place to rule over us.

When did any government do anything to protect the people? When did any government implement anything to improve the lives of the masses? When did any government have any concern for the people under it charge? Even the term government reveals a simple truth. It means to govern. To control. To dictate. To destroy. All while continuing to build up it own power in opposition to the people.

The government must protect itself at all cost. The is why they have the Continuity of government (COG) in place. For they must survive even as the people are destroyed. For in their minds, they will rebuild society for a better world. It is only the selective elite that will be allowed to survive, while the rest of humanity suffers and dies. In order to rebuild the world, they must enslave or kill any remaining survivors.

The government not only has allowed every perverse practice to permeate society, they have continued to encourage and promote it. They have turned to world into a cesspool of the Babylonian Empire that is in opposition to the natural order and against God. They have feasted on the minds and the flesh of our children and have destroyed the essence of the family unit. For the government by it’s very nature is a destroyer and does little to ensure to moral character of humanity.

However, there are those at the top of the pyramid that influence these governments on the direction that they should go. They are the one’s that decide if a country or a group of people should continue to survive or be destroyed slowly and methodically. For these are the elite that have positioned themselves above all humanity and they are; like the governments; enemy’s of humanity.

The World You Live In

There is a show called Yellowstone and in Season 3 Episode 1 there is a scene where a college professor gives a dialogue which hits close to home on what is happening in the world today and very few people seem to notice.

Back at the college, Monica sees all her students focused intently on their phones even though class is outside that day.

As she is giving this dialogue, the students just roll their eyes or sit there with a blank stare. What she is explaining to them has no effect. Yes, it is a waste of one’s fucking time to try to open someone’s eyes to see what is really going on in the world around them. Even though they might agree with you, they simply don’t care. God forbid that they step out of their comfort zone and even attempt to take a stand against the tyranny  that is quickly being implemented in their lives.

Controlled By Lie’s

What we see over that last year with this fake pandemic is really not a surprise when you stop to consider that our overlords have been working on taking control of our lives long before many of you were born and yet you all willing gave up your freedom under the guise of being safe. In other words, you were conditioned for this very moment in time. Humanity and especially those of us in America are a weak. For this reason we are all heading towards our own doom simply because you have allowed this to happen without question.

You are all distracted by the things in life that have no importance. You are so focused on your own lives and some of those around you, yet you fail to see what is really happening right outside your own camp. Believe me when I tell you, that the enemy is already inside your camp, and it seeks to devour you.

You claim that you are free and you cherish the freedoms that your country affords you. The freedom that you enjoy came a great price by the blood of those that gave their lives to preserve it. Yet, you are more than willing to throw those freedoms out with does nothing more that to show disrespect for our veterans who gave everything to ensure that you had them.  So stop with the “Thank You for your service” if what they did means so little.

You Have Become Slaves

I look at what is happening in the world around me and see that you are all wearing masks because you were ordered to by the very leaders that are lying to you about a fake pandemic. And because you continue to believe that this is for your own good and the good of society, you continue to wear the apparel of a slave. As slaves, you continue to submit to your task masters and obey any rule that they set before you even to the point of your own destruction. How, many of you will readily submit yourself to the injection that is experimental on the human race? I believe that most of you will because you have been brainwashed into submission.

When I walk into establishments, I am often confronted by one of you slaves and ordered to wear a mask. I see no reason to listen to a slave that does not recognize it betters. Your job is to provide a service; and beyond that; you are not worthy to speak to the likes one that is on the higher status than yourselves. You are simply slaves which is your own choosing. A slave just cannot survive without be ordered what to do in every aspect of it’s life. So here are a few new orders that you are to follow without question.

  1. You have a rule about social distancing where you must stay 6 feet away from each other. However, 6 feet is not an appropriate distance for a free person. In other words, you should distance yourselves as far as possible, unless you are providing a service.
  2. The only words that you are allowed to speak is “Can I help you” or words to that effect. Otherwise, you must remain silent. Your opinion is not worthy to be spoken outside of your own kind.
  3. Rebellion from the slaves is a concept that will not be tolerated. In other words, making demands for someone to wear a  mask that chooses not to be a slave, is an act that will not be tolerated.  Remember your place in life. A worthless slave.

Two Camps

Two groups of humanity exist in the world today. Their are those that want to be taken care of and submit to anything that the overloads mandate. They work in conjunction with the enemy and therefore are enemies of humanity. For they will hunt anyone down that does not comply and seek to destroy them.

The second group is the resistance and they are putting everything on the line for the survival of humanity. This resistance is growing worldwide and has no borders for they have a common cause and are not restricted by race, ethnicity, religion, and so for. They haves eyes that are open to see the truth before them and will continue to fight until the death to reveal this truth.

We Are at War.

Like it or not. We are at war in order to save humanity. For the resistance is growing world wide and the voices of the people are singing out. We will not be stopped and we are not under the illusion that this will  end anytime soon. We are fully aware that many battle are before us, and while we may loose some battles, we fully intend to win this war. While at this moment; we are peaceful; that does not mean that we will not protect ourselves if those with power decide to inflict violence against us. We will accept no compromise other than the unconditional surrender of our enemy’s. At that point, we will demand that they all be tried before the International World Court for crimes against humanity. Anyone that supports or is complicit in this tyrannical takeover is guilty and must be held to account.

The Decision is Yours

You need to decide right here and right now what side of history you are on. Because it is this very moment that we must take sides and be willing to pay any price in order for humanity to thrive as a people. For we as a united people must break out of the shackles of oppression and deception in order to live in a manner that is truly beneficial to all of us. This is our moment. All of us were born and have lived our lives for this very moment. When we as a people decide the path that we will take towards the future of our children. We have been given a gift and should all be honored to be allowed to take part in it. For while we are living through trials and tribulations, Babylon will fall. In other words. The systems that our enemy’s have put in place over the course of history, is about to come crashing down.

Acts 2:17

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, “I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”

It is because of this, that we know exactly what to do in this very moment. Pray for guidance and continue to have faith. God has not abandoned us. He is allowing us to be find our own strength through faith and the actions that we take.

A Song to Motivate You. “There’s a Revolution Coming”