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From Fear to Terrorize

Table of ContentsThe Year of Fear – 2020The Year to Terrorize – 2021It is All About The Enslavement of HumanityThe Great AwakeningReturn of The TribesThe End Game The Year of Fear – 2020 In the year 2020 we were bombarded with a constant unrelenting fear campaign about a virus that was going to attack everyone of us. What started of as a 2 week lock down to “slow the virus” is now in coming up on 19 months of of fear. Every hour of everyday. The ironic thing is that this happened at the global level at the same exact

ACTION PLATFORM: We The People Hold ALL the Power, NOW is the Time to USE IT!

Nothing Left to Loose

The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Sad Little Man


Anonymous Million Mask March 2021 5th November in a City near You

Anonymous Million Mask March 2021 event list for around the world for your country and times!-))) Free CommanderX u Dirty Gov1-))) ⁣

Operation Blackout

Our friends in France are calling for a Black Out !!!!!  Here is the posting: WORLD WIDE PROTEST FROM YOUR HOME. Pass it on: PROTEST CAN ALSO BE LIKE THIS :bangbang::bangbang:SHARE, SHARE, SHARE:bangbang::bangbang: Message from France. Black Out !!!!! 21 minutes ???? On October 12, 2021, we want to simultaneously do a global blackout of 21 minutes, to show our strength. Let’s show our strength! At the same time, we all shut off the electricity and switch off phones, mobiles, social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). It is our protest against the regulations, the restrictions of fundamental laws related to the

I Domine

Where Is Your Line?

How long will you remain in darkness and allow the destruction of your lives to continue? How is it that you are not aware of what going on in the world around you? Why would you continue to submit yourselves to the elite, thereby taking the role of a slave? Right now, war has been declared on all of us. Unless we draw a line, we will all wake up into a world that we will have little chance of escaping. So where is YOUR line drawn? If you are waiting for things to just get better, then you are

Take a Ride

Who’s Ready For The Military to Take Back The USA?

Who is Ready 4 Military To Take Back USA from Domestic/Foreign Criminals Who Stole 2020 Election? Share Tell Military We The People Support Military Protecting US Constitution and Restoring Trump as Rightful President. SHARE Far & Wide and Often. This is a question that was asked in a forum recently. The responses where supportive of the Military being used to restore order in our streets. This seems to be a common theme lately with the idea that the proper order can be established.  We all know by now that the election was probably stolen and many want Trump to return


Through The Eyes Of A Child

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagined such cruelty that we have witnessed being inflicted on the children by forcing them to get this injection. It is the visual effect that should have everyone sitting up and taking notice. You see it happening from your vantage point. But, now I want you to see it from the vantage point of a child. A child is taken into a room where it encounters a mob in full gowns and masks. It is not just one other person that is giving the child a jab. It is a mob that holds

We Are The People

It would appear that the government has forgotten their rightful position. They are under the illusion that they are tasked with ruling the people under their charge. This is simply not the case and it would appear that it is the people that have forgotten this fact. So it is up to the people to remind them of the chain of command. The way it works now is that the federal government is in charge. The states come next, followed by the cities and so forth until we get to the people. In other words, we are at the very

Ten Stages of Genocide

Open Letter – Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church

To: The Reverend Doctor William E. Flippin, Sr May the blessing of God be upon you and the flock that you are charged with. After, reviewing your website, I am able to gain a little more insight into the value that you bring to not only the local community, but also the global community with the ability to reach the masses through online technology. Your church does have an impressive track record of 104 years of ministering to the children of God. With a growth of up to 3000, it shows that you are a pillar in the community and

Are You Looking For A Great Man To Save Us?

What I find absolutely amazing is the idea that a Great Leader is going to come back and save us. What I am referring to is the idea that Trump can save us all. While I believe that the current administration is demonic and needs to be addressed, I do not think that the return of a President that got us into this mess is a good thing. Don’t get my wrong. The idea of his return does somewhat excite me. The Idea of  overthrowing a stolen election is justified. That is an idea that I can get on board

Armed Forces Members Are Property of The U.S. Government ?

We are writing in response to the article Marines Rebuke Def. Sec.: “No Mandatory Vaccinations for My Marines.” Which you should read. In this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin argued that mandatory vaccinations have always been a requirement for soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as property of the U.S. government, have no right to decide whether to take the Covid-19 jab. The federal government and President Biden would decide for them, He further goes on to say “They’re incapable of making informed decisions. So we, their leaders, make the big decisions they cannot,” Austin said. “Biden and Harris

Nationwide Emergency Alert Failure

Yesterday @ 2:30, They implemented the Nationwide Emergency Alert System. Many of us were concerned that this might have been a false flag operation and that something might be happening. So we went dark. It may have been nothing more than a drill. When we went back on line, many were pointing out that nothing happened. That we had a over reaction. This is probably true on our part. We also promoted the idea of going dark, just in case. We must point out that this was suppose to be just a test.  Thankfully nothing happened. However, something was revealed.

The Hanging Channel

Note: This posting is just a satire. It is just an observation of what might happen someday. If you are offended by it, then you might not realize what is really going on in the world. It is only written for entertainment. We cannot confirm or deny any of the theory’s that are presented here. Anyway, enjoy the ride. Table of ContentsCrimes Against HumanityInformation WarfareNuremberg 2.0Live Events Coming Soon Crimes Against Humanity In March 2020, War was officially declared on humanity at the Global Level. While many of us had been preparing for it for decades, we were still caught

Clear and Present Danger

Table of ContentsMedical TyrannyHospital PrisonsPatient AdvocateNot All Doctors and Nurses Are BadYou Are The BossKnow and Take Responsibility For You Own HealthThe Mechanism of FearI View The Medical Establishment As The Ultimate Enemy.Look At The Last Year If You Have Any Doubts.Closing Thoughts Medical Tyranny What we have witness over the last 18 months is a total disregard for person’s life by the Medical Establishment. With total disregard to their oath and medical ethics, they have intentionally murdered countless victims. The Mainstream Medical Establishment has become a Clear and Present Danger to Human Life. If this is not abundantly clear

Why We Love Fact Checkers

So you have been censored. You have been blocked. You have been erased. All because of what is now called Fact Checkers. These are also known as Subject Matter Experts (SME). Their are actually classes on how to become one. The Veterans Administration uses these experts all the time in order to deny benefits to our veterans. But, this is about our Fact Checkers. So shall we continue. So I come across a posting that is flagged as false information. We get flagged all the time. So what do I do? Do I just move on without question because it

Why You Should Protest

When our overseers are abusing us and attempting to remove our basic freedoms to survive, then we have a duty to speak out against the tyranny. For if we fail to make our voices heard, they will destroy not only us, but the generations that follow us. While in may be uncomfortable to step out of one’s comfort zone; once you do it; you will realize what power you have and that your opinion matters. You will also discover like minded people who as a group will embolden you to discover who you really are. There is a collective energy

Behind Enemy Lines

This question was asked in one of our groups Why do you people keep using these platforms like twitter, fb, youtube, dlive? If you know they are satanic why continue using them? Our response: Because they are my bitch’s and I will use them like the whore’s that they are to drive people to the truth. Plus, I want to see how long it take’s for the whore’s to kick me out and lock the door. The traffic on my website is picking up as I use these whore’s. With what has been happening over the last 18 months, it

Our Tyrants Have Been Busy

H.R. 4362: Curbing China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Act H.R. 4292: To provide for the establishment of COVID-19 and pandemic response centers of excellence, and for other purposes. H.R. 4265: To abolish the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services, and for other purposes. S. 2148: COVID Act of 2021 H.R. 3978: Vaccine TROL Act of 2021 S. 2006: Stop COVID Act of 2021 H.R. 3669: COVID–19 Safer Detention Act of 2021 S. 937: COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act H.Res. 423: Expressing the House of Representatives’ support for COVID-19 vaccinations and

Reply From Ohio State Senators

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What Happened in Ohio?

With The World Wide Protest coming up next Saturday the 24th it would appear that Cleveland, Ohio has dropped out of the movement. Time is running out to organize it. The Telegram pages dedicated to the protest have no information, plans or updates. They just have posting like some of the facebook groups. This is a great disappointment. However, we really should not be surprised. After all, they did kinda, sorta lifted some of the mandates and restrictions. So we in the great state of Ohio now have our carrot. We are on the road back to normal. Right? What

Vaccine Discrimination?

So we understand the concern with the possible vaccine passport and the potential for feeling discriminated against if one refuses the injection. This seems to be a reality since many entities are attempting to enforce it. We can be pretty sure that this is indeed the case. However, we have come to the conclusion that the discrimination works both ways. In other words we should not discriminate against those that choose to get the injection. The reason they got the injection was out of the fear implemented by our overlords. In fact fear is the reason that we are all

This is What Fear Does

Operation Breadcrumbs

Business Card Front & Back We have now officially launched Operation Breadcrumbs. This same tactic can be used to promote any website or campaign that you want to market or promote. With censorship being what it is today, we have to find alternatives ways to communicate by bypassing search engines and relying other entities to drive traffic to the direction we need to promote. Create a Hard Copy of a Business Card.Simply leave this card in places where people will find it. Store shelves, restaurants, ect. Do not just hand it out. Let peoples curiosity compel them to wonder and

Slavery And The 8 Veils

SLAVERY AND THE 8 VEILS from Rhodo Dendron on Vimeo.


London Protest This Saturday 15th May

RE: World Wide Demonstration on May 15, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. A person asked “Did you all have a demonstration back in March? I want to come but have no babysitter so wasn’t sure how family friendly.” A response to this is “This is not your typical day at the park. Nor is it a day for fun and games. It is a day when people say they have had enough and want their lives back and take a stand. Depending on the age of yours kids, this can be a teaching experience for them, but you as a parent has to decide.” I am finding this same attitude in

World Wide Demonstration

Realize that this will not be covered by the mainstream media. However, this movement is growing so if you want to know what humanity really thinks, then this should give you an idea. Join the movement On May 15th, people from all over the world are standing side by side for freedom and human rights! We are one big family!!! In this channel you ‘ll find all the information about the worldwide Demonstration for Democracy – Freedom – Solidarity Or if you have facebook

There’s A Revolution Coming

Fantastic Scenes At London Anti-Lockdown/Freedom Protest! 24th April 2021  

Two Can Play That Game

War is Upon Us

Just in case you have not noticed; since you have been locked in your cages for the last year; we are at war. What you need to realize that their are those in the government that want to take away everything that you hold dear in your lives. Your freedom to thrive, to speak, to congregate, and to live. They seek to destroy everything that you know and every aspiration that you have to excel in life. They will destroy your dreams and leave you with a desire of death which would be more merciful than living the life that


So we have decided that we would no longer associate ourselves with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Youtube and so forth. When Big Companies make the decision to limit ones right to free speech, then it is time to make an exodus from them. The banning of accounts has gone too far and it is time to say no to all of them. We will find another way to communicate with our followers and let you know here in the near future how you can connect with us. This was not a hard decision to make. We only wish that

Judgement Day

So our question to all of you is this. How will you answer when you are asked what you did when you had the chance? What will you tell your grandchildren and what will you say if you stand before the Great White Throne Judgement? Because the truth is that everyone of us knows what is really going on, and making a decision on how we are going to act on it. Not one us us has an excuse for not taking action. Like it or not, we are at a war against humanity. Each and everyone of us knows

Torches Against Tyranny

As I try to inform family and friends what is really going on in the world, I get the usual response that their is nothing we can do about this. I beg to differ, but we all have a part to play in this. That is to resist Tyranny at all cost. That is the thing that each and everyone of us can do. Individually we have little power, but collectively we are the unrelenting storm of freedom. So as we close out the year, how about we all light our torches, fire pits, bon fires and the like and

The Curfew Begins

So now we have a curfew? But, the question I would ask is “What are they doing under the cover of Darkness?” With people confined to their homes, they cannot see what might indeed be happening around them. Let us all remember that evil works in the dark where the light cannot expose them. How easy would it be for them to gather some of us under the cover of darkness and relocate us to the re-education camps that we all suspect are coming our way? It is just a thought, but maybe we all need to set up a

Prepare For All Things

The one thing that we have found out in our life was to Prepare for the unexpected things that can occur  in one’s life. Prepare For All Things was the Mantra for our business and is the Mantra for our lives. It is the way that we have chosen to live our lives simply because we all know that life can take a turn at anytime. Thus, this is how we will survive. In life you must be able to adapt to something new and unexpected. You must think of the worst possible scenario’s and take measures to mitigate the

Being Your Own Patient Advocate

Let me make something perfectly clear here so that there is not any misunderstanding. Your own healthcare is your own responsibility. It is up to to fully learn and understand your own health concerns. In other words, you need to be your own Advocate or have someone that your trust act in you behalf. First let me deal with your relationship to the Physician. That is that they work for you. It is critical that you have this understanding, because without it, you can become nothing more than a lab rat for their own experiments to increase their financial compensation.

Resistance is Futile

The title of this article was inspired from a quote in a movie that some of you may remember. I believe that it came out in 1996. This very quote has the ability to make you believe that you have no power to fight back. However, just the opposite is true and we are seeing this fact evolve on the world stage as those whose desire to enslave us or being forced to see that we will not willingly be lead to the slaughter. Click to Play Individual Borg rarely speak, though they do send a collective audio message to

They Walk Among Us

They walk among us, but they are not one of us. For they live in both the physical world and the spiritual realm. Their eyes are open to see the things unseen by those that are blinded by the distractions of their own world. They see the dangers that lie ahead and try to warn us, yet we fail to see the truth on what is happening. When you encounter them, you have an uneasy feeling that falls upon you. Not, because of what they say or do. But, because you know in your heart, that they are not like

Social Distancing 2.0

Social Distancing has always existed. It is not a new concept. We have always respected the personal space of an individual. It is something that was natural in all of humanity. This was the normal life.  A time that that is now in the past. A time when the only time that a persons personal space was entered was to shake hands, embrace each other, or violate the person. The natural order of things is the ability to have that intimate physical connection with each other. This is a concept in all of nature. This is life. I can’t help

You Killed Grandma

Since you refused to wear your mask, you killed grandma. At least that is the rhetoric that they would have you believe. Even though you are not sick and have no symptoms, you can still kill grandma since you are a carrier of this deadly virus. Don’t you find it amazing that you can be a homicidal serial killer without a weapon? Just think of the power that you have in your very hands. And it has no physical effect on you. Now, that is power. They tell us to wear a mask for the protection of others. It shows

Wear the Mask or Die

I refuse the Mask Mandate. I refuse to be conditioned like the rest of the sheep to comply to whatever they decide to impose on us. I refuse to get any vaccine. It is my body, my decision and my life.  This is not because I am hard headed. This is not because I am rebellious. This is not because I am not informed. They fact is, I am well informed and understand the ultimate agenda. However, there are instances where I have no choice but to wear the mask. When I go for a medical appointment, I am forced


I found these 3 Prophecy’s that I written on November 20, 1988. I really never expected it to come to pass in my lifetime. Now,  I see it for what is happening right now. So open your eye’s and see the truth on what is really going on. First Prophecy The time has come for us to join hands.And walk together into the promised land. A trumpets been sounded, and the end has come near.But if you trust Jesus, You have nothing to fear. Our enemy’s have gathered to keep us at bay.We have to stand firm, cannot go astray.

The New World Order

I found this image and felt it was worth a discussion to ponder on given the current environment that we find ourselves living in. What we see in the world is a planned event and most have not woken up to the reality on what the true agenda is. It is all smoke and mirrors to distract us from the true enemies of the world. The point being that their is a small group of the elite whose whole agenda is to take control and enslave mankind and lead it into total destruction of free will. Their is also a

Freedom Masked

” When you wear your mask, you are putting on The Mask of Freedom” You willing gave up your freedom and yet you do not even realize it. You have accepted the New Normal without hesitation simply because you allowed fear to dominate your lives. You have all become slaves to those that want to control every aspect of your lives. Finally, you have become the enemies of those who strive for freedom. I have no pity for those that bought into the lie’s and willing let the controllers take everything from you. Shelter in Place Your were ordered to

Our Lives Don’t Matter

Lock Down This past spring when Covid-19 ran rapid throughout our nation as well as the rest of the world, the power structure implemented a Lock Down, or the official term was Shelter in place. Businesses were shut down, schools were closed, hospitals basically stopped all treatments for anything that was not Covid-19 related; well they called it elective procedures; and society was driven to a halt. All of this was done to “Slow the virus and flatten the curve” The result was the destruction of businesses, rising unemployment, No tax revenue, A new way to educate our children; with

Mindless Drones

It is finally happening. You all know what I am talking about. We have been set free and are now allowed to move outside our homes. We can now go shopping and eat outside as long as we practice our social distancing. Yes, it is true that things have changed, but now is the time to go out and spend money. After all, it is the American Way. It is our civic duty to stimulate the economy and bring it back to life. What so you think that Free Stimulus Check was for anyway. So you have been in Lock

Expect Us

These are not like the protests from the past It should be no surprise that the protests in Ohio are continuing to increase every single day. But, this is not just happening in Ohio, but it is growing throughout the entire nation and the world. But, these are nothing like the protests that we have had in the past. These protests are becoming Heavily Armed for the protection of the people. Read the Ohio’s Official Stay Safe Order by clicking the link.  Stay Safe Order Notice that the Stay at Home Order has become the Stay Safe Order. Amy Acton

What is Truth?

So just what is truth? With the current coverage of Covid-19, it is not easy to determine what is real, and what is fabricated. When you add in the deceptions of the governments throughout our history, how can any of us trust that the information that they share with us has any validity? But the fact is, that even those that distrust the government are easily persuaded into jumping onto the bandwagon and submitting to new rules imposed upon them and giving up their own civil liberties just to maintain the illusion of being safe. My truth may or may

The Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

It Is Getting Hot Here In Ohio. This image was taken from The Facebook Group – Ohio Stands United It is not only getting hot in Ohio, but in many states across the Nation. People are just beginning to stand up for the rights that the governments have taken away. The call for civil unrest is happening now and will only escalate as the morons in power continue to impose the restrictions and the violation of our natural human rights. If you listen to the rhetoric from our press briefing, you can only conclude that their is not plan to

First Do No Harm

“First do no harm” means nothing to Gov. Dewine and Dr. Amy Acton. The medical community already full of problems went completely down hill with the stay at home orders. Thousands of patients were dropped by medical providers. Doctors failed to continue to care for their patients that had serious medical needs. They ran from patients by refusing to answer calls from patients that needed treatments. This was from failing to refill prescriptions, ongoing cancer treatments and necessary surgical procedures. This has been egregious. They need to be held accountable. This was a flagrant disregard to public safety.

Open Letter to Family & Friends

Why We Fight There comes a time when one must make a stand in order to demonstrate what it is that they believe in no matter what the cost. While we understand that many of you are opposed to just about anything we say or do, the fact is we do extensive research and do not take our position lightly. With the latest current event concerning Covid-19, we take issue with the response to  the economic ramifications which are doing more harm than the so called virus itself.  When you listen to the rhetoric given by these government controllers, one

Dewine & Amy Opening Theme This came from YouTube. This video was referenced in yesterdays Press Conference by our governor. What amazes me is that they they are under the delusion that they are seen as Hero’s by not only our state, but the entire country, if not the whole world. About 75 people wearing masks and carrying signs protest outside the Ohio Statehouse on Thursday, April 9, 2020, in Columbus, Ohio. [Karen Kasler | Statehouse News Bureau] Anonymous Columbus Ohio April 20, 2020

Your Safety When Confrontations are Unavoidable

Tear gas• Check the wind and move against the wind.• Spread information about where to go amongst the protesters on the streets.• Never go out without masks – even the paper masks handed out at doctor’s offices or masks used to cover nose and mouth when gardening will provide some protection.• Wear synthetic fibers at best (Ex. Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester). Tear gas will not stay on clothing made of these.• Fabric doused with vinegar will help neutralize tear gas.• If you have some, take physiological serum (saline solution – contact solution, available at most pharmacies) with you (rinse eyes with

My Fairy Tale Life

When I was growing up, I learned how lucky I was to live in a country where I was free. I learned about “The Declaration of Independence” and about “The Constitution”  which were written to protect our “Individual Rights” in our “Pursuit of Happiness” and “The American Dream” From the “Birth of Our Nation” our forefathers envisioned a Country where the People would Elect those that would represent them for the great good.  Unlike the rest of the world, it is the people that decide who will lead the Nation by voting for the leaders that “They Choose.” When I

Media Mania

As like most of us, I have been watching the daily updates on the Covid-19 virus and the governments response. Everyday, it gets worse than any of us could ever imagine. The proclamation of doom and gloom is overwhelming. The governments response is far beyond what many of us could ever imagine. So the day before yesterday, I watched our governors press conference. I watched the Mayors press conference and then I watch the President’s Press Conference. All of them were portraying the worse case scenario except the President, who was attempting to give more of a positive outlook and

Shelter In Place

Everyone is suspect and a potential threat to our safety. Just let the delusions sink in and allow society to devolve into total anarchy. And all the sheep say “Baa Baa. We bow to our Master’s”

The Black Sheep

For the record, I enjoy being labeled as the Black Sheep in society. While all the other sheep respond to the sound of the trumpet pronouncing gloom and doom, I just stay at my edge of the field in astonishment over how easy it is to get these little mindless drones to respond. But; then again; they do need someone to lead them since they are incapable of thinking for themselves. What is amazing about sheep is that they are predictable. Take any event and watch them scatter about in terror until someone or something tells them what to do

Democracy at Work

It is the people that are demanding that all these extreme measures be put into place because they are in panic mode from to the listening media. It is the people that pushed for shutting down restaurants, bars, and any gatherings out of fear that we are all going to die. It is people that are pushing for more extreme measures everyday in hopes that the government will impose Martial Law and allow the Military to Control them. So as we can all see now. Democracy Works, because the government is listening to the people and giving them what they

The Grand Finale Begins

School Closings (May not open again this year)No visits to Nursing HomesCourts Shutting DownsNo Prison VisitsRestaurants and Bars Have Shut Down throughout the StateNo crowds allowedChurches have shut down Quarantine (Not mandatory as of yet)National Guard to be activated to deal with this crisis? This country is becoming One Big Prison with more measures being implemented every day to impede socialization of the masses.Trump is talking about limiting domestic travelThis show is just beginning so sit back and watch as the circus unfolds because their is a whole lot more to come. In other words. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Shit Bird

They call me a shit birdAnd they wonder whyI fail to cooperateAnd I won’t even try So I’ll tell you a storyThat you may not have heardAbout the great prideIn being a bird I bow down to no oneI kiss no one’s assIt’s not that I’m rebelliousBut I’ve got too much class I don’t like this dirtI don’t the scuzzJust me me a jointSo I can catch me a buzz So take your weaponsAnd destroy one anotherI’ll love the whole worldBecause you are all my brother So call me a shit birdBecause then I take prideIn being the bestAnd that

Veterans Waiting For Health Care

One of the many complaints I hear is that our military veterans are having to wait months in order to see a doctor. Since 911, we have attempted to put our veterans into a special class and designated all of them as Hero’s because they served to protect the freedoms and interests of our country. These Post 911 veterans have access to more benefits than any of the veterans before them. For example, the Care Giver Program provides funds to family members who have to take care of these veterans. The VA recently proposed new rules for Veteran community care