Armed Forces Members Are Property of The U.S. Government ?

We are writing in response to the article
Marines Rebuke Def. Sec.: “No Mandatory Vaccinations for My Marines.”
Which you should read.

In this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin argued that mandatory vaccinations have always been a requirement for soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as property of the U.S. government, have no right to decide whether to take the Covid-19 jab. The federal government and President Biden would decide for them,

He further goes on to say “They’re incapable of making informed decisions. So we, their leaders, make the big decisions they cannot,” Austin said. “Biden and Harris are in charge, not individual soldiers.”

Open Letter To Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

To Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin,

I am in full agreement with what Marine Corps General David H. Berger said to you. Let me make one think perfectly clear. We are not your property. Contrary to your misguided viewpoint, we did not ever take an oath to serve any government. Our oath was to defend the constitution against all enemy’s both foreign and domestic. As a veteran I can assure you that the oath was take for life. We take it seriously. We will still stand by our oath.

in the Marine Corps we live by the motto Semper fidelis. Which is Latin phrase meaning always faithful.
Always faithful to GOD, To Country, and to the United States Marine Corps. In that order.

Notice the it does not say that we are faithful to the government. So keep one thing in mind. We do not belong to you. We are not your property. You obviously do not understand you position. So I will break it down for you in simple terms.

You are a hired hand. Because it is the people that ultimately pay your salary. Then you work for The People. We in the military work for the people to ensure that they maintain their freedoms. We lay our very lives on the line every minute of everyday for this.

You also stated recently that Covid-19 vaccination is needed to maintain military readiness and that you would enforce the mandatory vaccination policy regardless of FDA approval status. Is it possible that you can really be that stupid? Are you really going to abuse your power? Or is it more likely that you have an alternative motive in mind?

Tell me something Austin. How is it that we can maintain military readiness if our pilots are grounded due to health complication? How do you expect us to respond to a crisis if a large percentage of us are unfit to carry out the operations that we train for due to the fact that we have fallen ill by your experimental treatment? We are ready to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice. So you are willing to compromise that ability?

What is obvious is that you are willing to sacrifice the military readiness of this country for your masters sinister plans. Keep this in mind as you try to sleep. We took an oath against all enemy that threaten the constitution. We will fight where ever we find this enemy. Our oath is for life.

So go ahead and play your part as the task master of the slaves. In case you did not get my meaning. You are an ignorant slave to your masters. However, you have no slaves under your command. What you have are warriors that will carry out their duty even it it goes against your demands. In other words. We will not comply with an unlawful order no matter who gives it.

Keep one other thing in mind in regards to your Commander in Chief. I am referring to your President. The jury is still out on that as to if the election was legitimate. If it turns out that it was not. We will correct that by any force needed. This means that all the traitors will be held accountable.

One last thing before I close. In the Marine Corps, We have another mindset.
“Once a Marine, Always a Marine” In other words our connection with each other is for life. While our active duty status might have changed, we are still standing on that wall watching and keeping America Safe.

Have a nice day Austin


U.S.M.C. Veteran