Behind Enemy Lines

This question was asked in one of our groups

Why do you people keep using these platforms like twitter, fb, youtube, dlive? If you know they are satanic why continue using them?

Our response:

Because they are my bitch’s and I will use them like the whore’s that they are to drive people to the truth. Plus, I want to see how long it take’s for the whore’s to kick me out and lock the door. The traffic on my website is picking up as I use these whore’s.

With what has been happening over the last 18 months, it is apparent that we are embedded behind enemy lines. This is not only true in my country, but it is the case globally. With this in mind, we use any tools available in order to resist and fight the enemy. This is simply how war’s are fought and won.

Make no mistake. We are at war to keep humanity safe which is the creation of God. The satanic elements of evil seek to destroy God’s creation and plunge the world into darkness. We must do whatever it takes to keep them from accomplishing their agenda at all cost.

Our mission is to continue to work in the enemies territory to rescue those that we can. We will take down the tyranny that threatens our very existence. We believe that this action that we have taken is not only sound. It is justified. We also believe that the Almighty God is showing us the path to victory.

We compel you to continue to resist, stand your ground, and do not loose faith. Fight the fear that continues to attempt to invade your mind. Always remember that fear is the tool that the enemy uses,

Furthermore, continue to educate yourself. Gather intelligence and share it. This is critical in order for us to not only win the battle’s but to ultimately win the war. Remember that light dispels the darkness. Light reveals what is hidden in the dark.