Being Your Own Patient Advocate

Let me make something perfectly clear here so that there is not any misunderstanding. Your own healthcare is your own responsibility. It is up to to fully learn and understand your own health concerns. In other words, you need to be your own Advocate or have someone that your trust act in you behalf.

First let me deal with your relationship to the Physician. That is that they work for you. It is critical that you have this understanding, because without it, you can become nothing more than a lab rat for their own experiments to increase their financial compensation. That being said. You are the boss. Not them.

Am I saying the Doctors are all bad? Of course not. But, a Doctor should be viewed as a advisor and not as a GOD. The final decision on a course of treatment is up to you based on the information that you have at hand. As a patient, you should have all the information and the facts that you can get you hands on. Not just trust the opinion of one person or group.

There is a term called informed consent. This means that you should have all the facts before you agree to any treatment. It is legally binding, yet it is also unfortunate that the medical establishment fails to abide by this practice. They fail to give the patient enough information to make a decision based on facts. They fail to inform the patient of the risks of any treatment that is proposed.

An even bigger problem in the medical establishment is when a patient has any knowledge and questions the proposed treatment. While at one time, patients were encourage to understand their health, now they are ridiculed and looked down upon when they point our a simple fact. Even worse, if a patient has valid information that is contrary to the Physician treating them, they are classified as non-compliant and this is placed in their official medical record. So even if you go to another health care provider, you are already in the blacklist.

If you want to be treated with respect within the health care system. Do not question anything. Do exactly what they tell you to do. Do not be the squeaky wheel. Put every bit of trust in them and trust that they will not make a mistake. After all, they went to school and know everything.

However, if you want to live or minimize the dangers. Then if is critical that you are able to advocate for yourself or have someone that you trust and knows you wishes advocate for you. You have to be able to tell them NO even if it makes them mad. After all, it is you life.

The medical establishment hates this. They do not want you to be able to advocate for yourself and now they try to stop you loved ones for advocating for you in this now normal. They are making a strong attempt to limit your decision for you own good, They have turned hospitals into institutions where a patient has no rights. It has become the most horrible place to be, unless you are so compliant¬† and don’t know any better.

They one thing I suggest for anyone is to appoint someone as a Medical Proxy in order to make medical decisions for you in the event that you can’t. This way the hospital can not keep them out of the decision making process. It is a legal document that must be enforced. With that being said, I believe that you should void any and all DNR’s. You should be classified as a full code. Only your medical proxy should have the authority to stop treatment and decide that it is time to let you life end. This power needs to be taken away from the medical establishment.

It is vitally that you learn and understand the importance of being your own patient advocate. That you know when and how to fight for you own self interest. Because you cannot fully trust anyone else to do it for you. Sure, you can listen to their advice, but that does not mean you have to act on in. Do some research and decide what is in your best interest.