Clear and Present Danger

Medical Tyranny

What we have witness over the last 18 months is a total disregard for person’s life by the Medical Establishment. With total disregard to their oath and medical ethics, they have intentionally murdered countless victims. The Mainstream Medical Establishment has become a Clear and Present Danger to Human Life. If this is not abundantly clear to anyone now, then you fail to recognize that this establishments goal is to keep you as a lab rat and preform diabolical experiments on you just because you are a science experiment. In other words, they do not care about your life.

Hospital Prisons

How many of you have had the privilege of being admitted to the hospital? Where you overjoyed that someone was finally going to take care of you? Did you cooperate with every decision in regards to your treatment without question? Did you totally trust those assigned to take care of you because they know everything and you knew nothing. After all, they went to school and got certified. As long as you obeyed, then you probably think your experience was a good one. After all, they saved your life. But, at what cost.

However: every time I have spent time in the hospital; it has been like a prison. Actually it has been worse than being in prison. If I asked a question, then I was chastised for daring to speak. Then I was threatened and punished. This has been my experience for the last 20+ years. Informed consent does not exist nor do your patients rights. It also does not matter what insurance you have. It is all about the bottom line and how much money they can milk you for.

Step out of line. Then no visitors for you. They will even forbid your spouse or family from having any interaction with you. You are under their total control. Once you enter this prison, you will be lucky to make it out alive. This is simply because your care team is just following¬†protocols and does not have critical thinking skills. Isn’t the third leading cause of death in these places due to medical errors? What does this tell you? But; then again; we have the most advance and best health care system in the entire world. Right? Yea, right.

Patient Advocate

At one time, it was beneficial to have an advocate to ensure your safety. In fact the establishment encouraged it. However, the reality is that this only worked if the advocate could be coerced to agree with them and then compel you to follow their plan. In short, your advocate is not allowed to really look out for your best interest without being chastised if they question the treatment. Fortunately, my advocate stands strong which brings about the true hostility of these so called care givers. This usually leads me to being discharged and released from prison.

Over the last 18+ months; when you were admitted to the hospital; you were on your own. No one was allowed to watch over you to protect you. We watched in horror as our loved one’s where taken away into the death camps. Never to be seen again. Never got to say goodbye. Never, even got to give them a proper burial. They got to torture and murder without oversight. What makes it more ironic is that they partied and danced the entire time. We have all scene the video’s of this. Do you really think this was to relieve stress? No, it was a celebration of just how diabolical they have become.

Not All Doctors and Nurses Are Bad

Countless Doctors and Nurses have taken a stand against the great crimes that permeate the medical establishment. They have spoken out and fought along with us to reveal the truth. This has come at a great cost to them. For their stance has brought about a great distress in their careers, reputations, and livelihood. They have been shunned, ridiculed, fired, threatened and killed for daring to go against the narrative.

It is this group of caregivers that truly care about the human condition, health. They are the one’s that did not sell out to BIG PHARMA. They are the ones that value life and understand that helping a person improve their heath by building a strong immune system is the ultimate goal. They have the natural ability to listen and advise you without dictating what you have to do.

You Are The Boss

The one thing that I have taken to doing when dealing with a new health care provider is to inform them that I am the boss and they are the employee. While this might seem somewhat confrontational from the beginning, it establishes the relationship as to who is in charge. Make no mistake. You are the one that should be in charge of your own health. They can only advise based on their own knowledge. If you implement this tactic; prepare for a power struggle; but stand firm on your position in the relationship.

The fact is they you are providing them an income. It does not matter if it is your insurance that pays for it. The end result is that you are the one authorizing the payment by allowing them to provide a service. Once you take charge of the relationship, then you are in control. You are not their experiment and you are not their property. So I would encourage you to set the boundaries right from the beginning.

Know and Take Responsibility For You Own Health

What has always amazed me are the people that know so little about their own health. They get a diagnosis and just do whatever they are told. They do not even bother to try to understand it or research it. They expect some other entity to fix their problem. In other words, they take no responsibility for their own lives.

I find this attitude pathetic. To rely on someone else to fix your problem and blindly follow their advice is suicidal. In my own experience, I strive to know more about my condition than any of the doctors. In fact it is easier than you think. Simply because you don’t need to know a little about everything. You just need to know everything as it applies to you. Why would anyone not want to do the research about their own condition blows my mind. I for one am fascinated and I am able to make the decisions that benefit my life. If I had trusted their advice, I would have died decades ago. Discover what works for you.

The Mechanism of Fear

Fear is the greatest tool that they use to compel you to make the wrong choices. This is used constantly as a tool to bring you to the dark side of their control. I will tell you a secret. Without fear, they have no control. But, fear is the thing they use the moment you walk into the door. This is especially true in the death camps, oh yea, hospitals. God forbid I call them what they truly have become.

Here is an example. Doctor Do Nothing comes in and tells you that your situation is very dire and you are not expected to survive. Fear kicks in and guess what your mind and body does. It reacts to fear. You will do anything to be saved. After all, they have your best interest at heart. Do you actually believe that?

Here is another example. Doctor Do Little Comes in and informs you that you have cancer and have a whopping six months to live. Can you guess what happens. Fear kicks in and you die right about the 6 month mark. Why, because your fear and your mind told your body to do that.

Or my other favorite. If you do this treatment, we might be able to extend your life for a short time. You might be miserable, but hey you will be alive and that is all that counts. No thanks. I will take what time I have left.

But, what happens if you do not succumb to fear? What if you refuse to take their proclamation of death at your door? What if you decide that you have other things to do other than die? Well, in my case, it worked. I set milestones on what I want to do. When I reach it. I set another one. It has worked for me for over 20 years now. They tell me I am going to die. I refuse to fall for it. The fact is that no one person can predict when one dies. That is in Gods Hand.

I View The Medical Establishment As The Ultimate Enemy.

The Medical Establishment is ruled by BIG PHARMA. BIG PHARMA works in the darkest region with the only purpose to take your wealth at any cost. They keep you unhealthy by poisoning you so that you keep coming back. For them it is a never ending cycle of continuing to steal your wealth. They have not desire to improve your health. If they did, their shareholders would revolt. Follow the money.

While I am still in a position where I have to use them for now, I am trying to find my way out. Cool, another milestone to work on. I am trying to find a more natural approach to managing my health. This is my agenda and it is unknown territory for me. However, I am confident that I will find the right people and resources to lead me in the right direction.

Look At The Last Year If You Have Any Doubts.

  • They canceled surgies
  • They told you not to go to the hospital if you were sick
  • They told you to call your doctor if you were ill. Do not just go in
  • They got financial incentive to diagnose anything as covid
  • Covid was the only qualifying condition to get treatment, which only started when you turned blue.
  • They continued to lie about the number of cases.
  • They did not report adverse effects to the injection. (They call it a vaccine)
  • They forced you to get a covid test before any other life saving surgeries.
  • They refused to implement common sense treatments and waited until the death shot.
  • The Health Department took control of every aspect of our lives with unlawful order.

Closing Thoughts

This is just part one of a series on this topic. It provides just an introduction to the Medical Tyranny that we are all being subjected to. It is time that we all speak out and expose it for what it is. The Fact is that they began stealing our health more than 100 years ago. Let this sink in and if in doubt, prove me wrong.

Disclaimer: This is just an opinion. If comes from my view point and may not have any truth at all for you. Do your own research and make your own decision based on the facts that you find.