So we have decided that we would no longer associate ourselves with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Youtube and so forth. When Big Companies make the decision to limit ones right to free speech, then it is time to make an exodus from them. The banning of accounts has gone too far and it is time to say no to all of them. We will find another way to communicate with our followers and let you know here in the near future how you can connect with us.

This was not a hard decision to make. We only wish that we had made it earlier than today. Nevertheless, the exodus has been implemented and there is no going back to those of the deep state that intent on taking away our basic human rights of speech and the sharing of idea’s

We would encourage all of you to take a hard look at your lives and decide if you are still willing to associate yourselves with these entity’s when you know that you can be censors or erased at anytime simply because someone has decided that your view to not match up with theirs.