Expect Us

These are not like the protests from the past

It should be no surprise that the protests in Ohio are continuing to increase every single day. But, this is not just happening in Ohio, but it is growing throughout the entire nation and the world. But, these are nothing like the protests that we have had in the past. These protests are becoming Heavily Armed for the protection of the people.

Read the Ohio’s Official Stay Safe Order by clicking the link.

 Stay Safe Order

Notice that the Stay at Home Order has become the Stay Safe Order.

Amy Acton issued and signed this order on April 30, 2020. As a result of this she caused the Protest to escalate to a new level. No longer would the protest be confined to the symbolic institutions of power, but it was taken to her own neighborhood and her home. While their are many that may disagree with tactic, She brought this upon herself, her family and her neighbors.

But the we have the governor attempt to chastise the protesters and challenge them to come after him. Can he be really be serious? The protesters have the ability to take it to his own home in Greene County. How is he going to stop it? More of that shortly.

Yet he continues to challenge us in order to elevate this to a new level. He keeps forecasting New Improved Protocols that he intends to implement. What this really means is more and tighter restrictions. But, all the governors which includes the White House are doing this. Don’t be deceived into thinking things are improving just because they release some restrictions. That fact is they are adding more restrictions ( or as they say. “Protocols”).

As indicted in the Image above. This is not like you parents or even you grandparents protest. These protest have various Militia Groups joining in order to PROTECT the protesters. They know what can happen if law enforcement or the National Guard go too far. They will not allow another Kent State Tragedy without repercussions.

Everything that the governor and his team are saying and doing indicate one thing to me and keep in mind, this is just my opinion. They want to protests to turn violent. They want to be able to justify using the Law Enforcement and the National Guard to use deadly force in order to put down the protests. And when that fails, they  want to be able to go the the White House and Beg for help to put us down by any means necessary including Military Intervention.