Freedom Masked

” When you wear your mask, you are putting on
The Mask of Freedom”

You willing gave up your freedom and yet you do not even realize it. You have accepted the New Normal without hesitation simply because you allowed fear to dominate your lives. You have all become slaves to those that want to control every aspect of your lives. Finally, you have become the enemies of those who strive for freedom. I have no pity for those that bought into the lie’s and willing let the controllers take everything from you.

Shelter in Place

  • Your were ordered to self-quarantine
  • You were ordered to stop working
  • You were ordered to shut down your businesses.
  • You were ordered to take your kids out of school and force them to stay home.
  • Your were ordered to isolate yourselves in your own homes.
  • You were ordered to avoid contact with family and friends.
  • You were ordered not to go to church and worship.

Yet you all were so blind that you failed to see what was really happening. The total reliance of being cared for by the controllers without understanding the hidden agenda. You sat there waiting and begging for money that for too many of you never came. Now you can’t pay your rent, mortgage. You can’t buy food and essentials. You are starving to death. You are falling into a deep state of depression. You are turning to drugs, alcohol, and suicide. You have no hope.  They told you it was only for a few weeks, then a few months. And now it may never end unless you follow their directives. 

They confined the elderly into prisons. You may call them nursing homes. But, still a place where they have absolutely no rights and no dignity.  At least in prison they would be allowed to socialize and get some fresh air everyday. Face the facts. These are just enhanced death camps. The quicker they die, the more money is saved. The way to do this is to take away all hope. A slow torture. But, we were told that this was to protect the older generation. Right? This is just the beginning of reducing the population of those that are not able to contribute to building the wealth of the empire.

When it comes to home schooling, how many or you are even qualified to assist in the teaching process. Yet, here you are. Jobless with no purpose other than to try to teach things that you do not even understand. But, if you remember, your kids were a danger to others because they carried a virus that would destroy mankind and needed to be isolated. Now that the virus has had a chance to mutate and get stronger because of isolation, we can send them back to school so they can infect more people.

The Mask of Submission

You were told that the mask would protect you and again you failed to use simple logic to question the narrative. You do not even realize that the mask does nothing more that to silence you and remove your identity. Think of it as a muzzle to keep you silent. Understand that this is an occult ritual that leads to the destruction of self and binds you to your Masters. This is just other means of preparing you for the New Normal. This is the change being forced on your mind and spirit.

Yet those that wear the mask are becoming more violent towards anyone that refuses or is unable to wear the mask. This is leading to the breakdown and discrimination of our society. Those that will not wear the mask are being denied service and participation of any and all services.

The fact that you can be fined and go to jail for not wearing a mask should tell you that something is wrong in all of this. Forced compliance is a thing that we should have not part of. But, you people jumped on it like a sinking ship thinking you were going to be saved. Now, it is revealed that you are doomed to a destruction unlike anything we have seen.

Testing Perpetuates Your Fear

Then you people rush to and fro begging to be tested. You wait for hours to have some mindless drone stick a swab up you nose. Then you wait and wait for the results which all too often are a false positive. With that, the spiral to death begins to overtake your already simple manipulated minds.  The worst part of all this drama is that it is all a lie to force you to depend on some magical solution to come and save you already worthless ass. You are allowing yourselves to be guided into a world that you will never escape from. And still, I take no pity on you, your offspring, or humanity, because it was so easy for you to give up everything without question.

But The Virus is Real

So what if it is. Does that give you an excuse to give up everything because of your fear. Did you ask yourself how it spread throughout the entire world in less than a month? Is it even possible? Yet you bought into in it hook, line and sinker. You did everything you were told to “Flatten The Curve” and guess what. It did not work and now we are told of a second wave coming this fall and winter. Death all around us and the Grim Reaper will go on a rampage with his sickle chopping us into little bits. None of you will have the power to stand up to death and say “Be gone” because you are more the willing to put your head on the chopping block. Let the blood be on your own hands.

But God Will Protect Us

What is ironic is the role of the Church’s in this little drama. What did they do? They closed the doors. Don’t give me the rhetoric on how they held services on-line or in the parking lots. The fact is that they failed to minister to the flock that was running to and fro in fear. The fact is that they were more that willing to turn their back on God and refuse to do what they were called to do.

Your church has been turned into a high tech media rather than a place to minister and offer support to one another. Yet you were more than willing to give into the dictates of man rather than the Supremacy of God. You played church, but failed to be THE CHURCH. This is simple because the world is more important to you than your salvation. God warned you of this very time, yet you refused to see it coming. Even though you taught it, you never believed it. It was so easy to abolish the church with no blood shed. Just a simple trick of the mind. The very elect were deceived.

The End Game

So you are wondering what all of this leads to. The redistribution of wealth? I am sure that you have all heard of this communist agenda. In theory, it may sound desirable. Thinking that we all all equal and get our share of the pie. The reality is that it will lead to only 2 classes of people. The Very Elite and the working slaves. Can you guess what group you are going to be in?

In this New Normal, it will be Utopia. We will have no more wars or conflicts because we will all be equal with the sole purpose of serving the Elite for the greater good. We will not longer have the burden of focusing or lives on success, because the leaders will ensure that we are sheltered and fed.

Are You Paying Attention Yet?

If you are. That is good. If your not, that is also good. It make no difference in the grand scheme of things. You can continue down the path of destruction or take the alternate path. It is all your choice. Right now, it is not too late to change direction. But, time is running out.  No matter which path you decide to take, you can never return. You can either be free, or you can continue to be a slave. I leave that choice to you.