From Fear to Terrorize

The Year of Fear – 2020

In the year 2020 we were bombarded with a constant unrelenting fear campaign about a virus that was going to attack everyone of us. What started of as a 2 week lock down to “slow the virus” is now in coming up on 19 months of of fear. Every hour of everyday. The ironic thing is that this happened at the global level at the same exact time. With all the ridiculous mandates and the holding out of the carrot that if we would all just obey. Things would go back to normal. However, humanity never grasped the carrot anywhere in the world, even in places that obeyed completely,

However, the promise of a solution under the guise of “Operation Warp Speed” was the ultimate carrot that they laid before us in order to “Save us All” We just needed to hang on until the end of the year. Just continue to watch the fear porn and keep your eyes on the prize. “No, do not look over there. Keep you minds on us and our experts” We must all remember that our government has our best interest at heart.

From the very beginning of this drama, the tyrants had a problem. Too many people questioned the narrative from the very beginning and started to resist the mandates at every level. With that, the people had their own experts that actually used science and were able to back it up.

The Year to Terrorize – 2021

Welcome 2021. This is where they went from Fear Porn to Terrorizing the people. So now that we have an experimental vaccine injection that has not been FDA approved, they start the process of mandating it for everyone. Now humanity has been made a part of a clinical trial which they freely admit. They tell us it is safe and effective with no possible proof. We are ordered not to question the narrative. Just follow orders and do as we are told.

Of course the enemy had to up it’s game with the continual attack on the experts that were coming out against the mandates and the injections. These were the experts from established Pharmaceutical company’s. And let us not forget the constant censorship that was never ending. With the so called fact checkers that had no credential that did everything they could to keep us on the path to destruction.

Let us never forget, how the diabolical morons made the decision to go after our kids with the death shot without parental consent. I suppose that we really should not have been too surprised since they have been after our kids for decades.

However, we did learn a lot during this time. We learned that informed consent does not exist. That the those in power are corrupt to the core. That the final solution to enslave humanity was in full swing. Yet, we also learned that it is we the people that have the power.

Still our resistance continued to be peaceful. We did not resort to violence. We stood firm and refused to comply. We risked everything for the world that we wanted to live in. We still refuse to bow down to tyranny no matter what they threw at us.

Yet, the enemy in it desperation continued to throw anything at us that they could. How many of you remember the announcement that they would go door to door to see if we were vaccinated? That did not last very long. I do not think they had the resources to do it. Not to mention the fact the the door knockers would have met the wrath of the people.

Let us not forget how the Biden Administration compelled employers to do the dirty work, and mandate vaccines among the work force. To counter that move, the people initiated “Walk Out Wednesday” in opposition to the mandates. What those in power fail to realize is that the people will not comply and follow orders.

We the People also have the ultimate weapon in the works. Nuremberg 2.0. This is the plan to bring Crimes Against Humanity to everyone that is involved. The enemy know that the days are numbered and the end is near for them. So right now, they are attempting to inflict as much damage as they can before their date with the executioner.

It is All About The Enslavement of Humanity

This was however never about the Virus or the vaccine. That was all a distraction to keep us from seeing the real agenda. This is simply the enslavement of of humanity and they have been working on this for a long time.  This is not something that just came about in the last few years. They have been working on this all of our lives.

If you were just to take a look at your own life, you will see every distraction and every tool that they have used to bring us all under submission. From the day that you were born, you were taught to obey anyone that was in authority without question. You were indoctrinated into the slave class without ever realizing it. You were discouraged from critical thinking. You were bombarded with lies from the Media. You were deceived into believing that you had freedom, so that you would never rise up to the truth. And yet, the truth was always inside of you.

We have been living on a plantation where we have to ask permission on every aspect of our lives. We got so use to it, that we never saw the attacks, We were never allowed to reach our full potential as individual humans. For the elite controlled every aspect of out lives. Now they have invoked the final solution to bring all of humanity to it’s knee’s. If one will not bow down, they shall be tortured and murdered.

The Great Awakening

As the truth was revealed about the world we live in, we came to realize that the direction that they elite had in mind was not the direction that we were willing to go. With that in mind, we envisioned a world that we wanted to create for humanity. We decided that we did not want to go “Back to Normal” because that normal was detrimental to human life and control over our own bodies. For this is the Great Awakening that enveloped our souls and spirit.

This is the the fork in the road. Do we continue along the destructive path that we were being herded down like sheep and cattle? Or do we decide to take a different path that will allow us to evolve naturally. It is the people that have the God given right to choose. This is built into our very nature. We can choose light or darkness. The only question is which will you choose?

Return of The Tribes

When it comes to survival, we can only do this as a group. In other words, it is imperative that we connect with like minded individuals that understand what we are fighting against and what it is that we want in our communities. This involves a separation from the global perspective and a focus on the smaller trusted groups. For as a tribe, we are better able to protect and care for one another. 

Keep in mind that this is not going backwards but only going forwards with more intimate connection to those close to us. At this moment in time, we cannot change the world. What we can do is change our perspective and protect one another at all cost. We can create an environment that is beneficial to our tribe.  We can become the humanity that we were designed to be without all the distractions  and fears that bombard us daily through the Media and the government. We can focus on our relationship with God though Jesus Christ.

The End Game

The End Game is not what the enemy has planned for us. We all already know about it. We also know that we have dark days before us that we have no choice but to endure. We realize that our live are going to be worse than anything that we can imagine. Not one of us is really prepared for what is coming.

However, we also know at some point that freedom from tyranny is on the horizon. We know that God word is truth and that He will intercede at the appointed time with judgement on the world. We know that the entire system will collapse and those of us that endure until the end will see Gods glory manifested in our lifetime.

What is happening now has happened before. Just not at this mass scale. All one has too do is read the book, which I would highly suggest. Start with Genesis  and read a bit every chance you get. What you will find is the God is always faithful and true to those that come to Him. You will find that God always keeps His promise. You will know that God values you as his own even when he challenges you.

Trust in God and do your best to keep the faith. Pray the best you can and remind yourself that you belong to Him and we will care for you even though you might not be able to see in the physical realm . The hardest this to do is the to stay focused on the spiritual as opposed to the physical.