Judgement Day

So our question to all of you is this. How will you answer when you are asked what you did when you had the chance? What will you tell your grandchildren and what will you say if you stand before the Great White Throne Judgement? Because the truth is that everyone of us knows what is really going on, and making a decision on how we are going to act on it. Not one us us has an excuse for not taking action.

Like it or not, we are at a war against humanity. Each and everyone of us knows this is a fact. But, are we going to continue to allow our overseers to dictate and dominate our lives.? We have given up our power over to them and they have taken hold of it with a vengeance. But, now is the time to take our power back. We have no other option if we are too survive. So mount up, because this is going to be a long and bloody battle.

Now we realize that most of you are satisfied with going with the flow. You are the one’s  that do not want to rock the boat. You do not like or want confrontation. This is simply because you are fearful of losing family and and friends if you are bold enough to take a stand. However, that will be your demise, because the system seeks to devour you and take everything and you are more than willing to let it happen for your delusion of safety and freedom.

Our overseers only have the power that we give them. They have perpetrated the illusion that they have all the strength to control us.  But, it is the people that have the power if and when they will decide to take it. While this will come at a great cost, it is imperative that we do this, if we want to have any hope of saving humanity from being enslaved and murdered by this small group.