Media Mania

As like most of us, I have been watching the daily updates on the Covid-19 virus and the governments response. Everyday, it gets worse than any of us could ever imagine. The proclamation of doom and gloom is overwhelming. The governments response is far beyond what many of us could ever imagine.

So the day before yesterday, I watched our governors press conference. I watched the Mayors press conference and then I watch the President’s Press Conference. All of them were portraying the worse case scenario except the President, who was attempting to give more of a positive outlook and hope.

Now, this is where it gets disturbing. After listening the the Governor and all his experts. After listening to the Mayors and all her experts. We go to the President to listen to Him and all his experts. In His speech, He informs us of 2 executive orders that He signed in order to deal with hording and price gouging . He then turns it over to the Head of the Department of Justice so he could explain it to us.

The Media then cut off all coverage of the Presidents Press Conference. They went right back to the gloom and doom rhetoric. This only shows how biased the Media is and how they only want to report their own fabricated version of the truth in order to perpetuate the mass hysteria that is already overwhelming our society.

The Media is becoming the real threat to stability of our nation and the world since they are not reporting all of the facts, but only the fabricated information that will lead to more fear, distrust, and the total destruction of mankind’s way of life.

It is time that we hold the Media accountable for not reporting accurate news. It is time that we stop allowing the media to use us for their own agenda by saying “No, I will not talk to you” It is time that we boycott the businesses that support the liar’s and deceivers that are broadcasting the Fake News.

Now, I am not saying that all Media is bad. But, you have to determine who is lying and who is attempting to give the facts. The Big Names mean nothing. You have to at least ask yourself if any of it makes sense. Stop reacting to the fear and the panic. Take back control of your own sanity. Now is the time to open our eyes and see the truth.