Mindless Drones

It is finally happening. You all know what I am talking about. We have been set free and are now allowed to move outside our homes. We can now go shopping and eat outside as long as we practice our social distancing. Yes, it is true that things have changed, but now is the time to go out and spend money. After all, it is the American Way. It is our civic duty to stimulate the economy and bring it back to life. What so you think that Free Stimulus Check was for anyway.

So you have been in Lock Down for 2 months. Wow, cabin fever has really set in. But, I have been in My Prison for 6 years due to being a member of one of those High Risk Groups. If my declining health has not killed my by now, I highly doubt that some puny little virus is going to take me out. But, then what do I know? My life was suppose to have ended more than 6 years ago.

The fun part of being in Lock Down is the planning the escape,  which I do on my good days. I never really took precautions and if you talked to me on the streets, you would never know that I am one of those Elite High Risk Members of the group that has to be protected. But, I digress.

So anyway, I went shopping the other day and of course people were wearing their masks like the good little mindless drones that they are. Most of these people looked like they needed a bath. So maybe they should be wearing a mask so that they don’t contaminate the rest of us.  Washing your hands does not mean not to wash the rest of your body people. But, then maybe they CDC should have recommended taking the occasional bath or shower.

What I find amazing is how these Mindless Drones are so easily manipulated. They do not have the ability to think for themselves. They believe anything that is told to them no matter who tells them as long as they can feel like they are a part of THE GROUP. If you don’t instruct them what to do; like take a bath; they will not do it. Wow, talk about control. Their leaders have it down to an art.

So I am talking to one the other day and the comment was made about the flag in my site. “Don’t Tread on Me” Now, those in the know understand the significance and the history of this flag. But, this particular person wanted a flag that said “Don’t Sneeze on Me” Wisdom does not always come with age.

But, just who are these mindless drones listening too. Well, first they listen to the Media whose goal is to push the fear factor set my our leaders in order to boost their ratings.  However, some of them claim that they don’t watch the News. So just where are they getting their information from? Each other? Wow, talk about GROUP THINK.  They make it up as they go along.

If you are not a part of these mindless drones group, well then you will become a threat to them. They will report (snitch) on you in a second. Actually, they are kind of fun to watch. Don’t have a mask, they look at you with disdain and take your picture. They all have smart phones you know. Get within 6 feet of someone. Click Click Click and off the the snitch fest. It is not just the NSA, Homeland Security, The Government that is watching you. It is the snitch brigade and they are everywhere. Even in your own neighborhood.

Now, I am one of those people that likes to watch the daily governors press conference. It is not to get the latest updates. It is for the entertainment of it all. My favorite part is when the media gets to ask questions, which I have yet to see them able to answer them.  They just drone on about the virus and that people that are going to die unless we implement more protocols. ( this is a nicer way of saying restrictions) Since all the governors are using the same playbook, I will leave the names out and just use the titles. If anyone has a copy of this playbook, I would like to have one. Just something to entertain myself.

So the first one on stage in my state is the Governor. You know the one I am talking about. The one that looks like a troll. He never fails to point out the tie that he is wearing as his first order of business. Look, I could give a rats ass about your tie. Then he shuffle though His papers; I mean playbook; trying desperately to figure out what he is suppose to say. Look governor, it is the same thing that all the rest of the governors are saying. Get with the program. You tell us that you talk to them everyday. So is your attention span lacking.

Then we get the occasional opportunity of listening to his wife who tell us about all the fun little projects that she does and that we can all do. Like how to make soup or my favorite, sidewalk chalk. Hey, it is a way to get that little rug rat out of the house and isolate them outside with no socialization. After all, it is not like they can play with other kids.

Then we have the Lt. Governor who is about as clueless as a rock. Don’t worry people. Even though we put you out of work, you can get unemployment. Never mind that the system was overwhelmed and could not handle all the claims. What is is . Like about a million people in our state alone where put out of work. But, they are working on it and someday you will be paid. We promise. Does he even have a clue as to the rules to get unemployment?

Last but not least. Your favorite and mine. The Director of The Department of Health. This one loves the camera and the attention. She just smiles, waves, dances and is so animated when asked questions. She appears to either have a bladder control issue or she is creaming her little panties in front of all of us everyday. Look, if I want to watch porn, I will go to a porn site. This is another one that needs to bathe a little more often. But enough about her childish behavior.

But, here she comes with her charts and grafts in an attempt to explain it all to us based on The Model. And where does this model come from? You guessed it. The Play Book. Give yourself a gold star. But, when asked a question, her response is that she will have to get back with us after she consults with Her Team which by the way, never happens. One would think that if she is the Director, she would have some clue as to what the data meant. But; then again; she is never really prepared. Don’t even think about asking a question that is not covered in the Play Book.

Yet, these are the people that The Mindless Drones seem compelled to follow. No logic. No common sense. Just believe what their told. And don’t even think about trying to educate these people. It is simply white noise to them. In other words, they do not have the ability to comprehend it. After all, it is the government that cares of them. Right? Hey, just give up everything that you hold dear in your life and submit. Do what your told, and everything will be alright. In fact it will be even better. 


  • Do not attempt to stop the protest.
  • Mind your own business and do not snitch.
  • Be mindful if your decide to counter- protest against us. We are armed.
  • Our movement is growing. It will not be stopped
  • We are prepared for an Armed Conflict
  • No one is beyond our reach
  • Threats only empower us as more people join our cause.
  • Understand that we are everywhere. Expect Us.