My Fairy Tale Life

When I was growing up, I learned how lucky I was to live in a country where I was free. I learned about “The Declaration of Independence” and about “The Constitution”  which were written to protect our “Individual Rights” in our “Pursuit of Happiness” and “The American Dream”

From the “Birth of Our Nation” our forefathers envisioned a Country where the People would Elect those that would represent them for the great good.  Unlike the rest of the world, it is the people that decide who will lead the Nation by voting for the leaders that “They Choose.”

When I was growing up, I learned the “Pledge of Allegiance” from the day that I entered into the education system. This was done everyday, before anything else was done. It was the most important concept that molded our belief system and our devotion to our country and our way of life.

The United States of America is the Greatest Nation on earth and has become a beacon of light for the rest of the world. This is just a simple fact and we all know that people throughout the world dream of coming to America and “Living The Dream”

Everyone one of us knows that America has brought forth the “Greatest Minds on Earth” It is these people that have propelled our country into being the leader in making the world a better place. We all know that as American’s we can do anything over time. “God Bless America”

But, every good story must come to an end. Eventually, one has to close the book. stop looking at the illusion and see the reality. It is only the truth that sets one’s mind free from the illusion that one has been lead to believe. It is only the truth that will free us from the continuing deceptions that propels our lives into total destruction of our soul.

If you can be stopped and questioned by the police, are you free to travel in this country unimpeded? Can the police stop and detain you and then search for anything without justifiable cause based on nothing or they just don’t like the way you look? If you are in the wrong neighborhood for your race, does that mean you are involved in some criminal activity? This is not just minorities in a white neighborhood. It is white people in a minority neighborhood.

Are you free to gather in groups to protest what you perceive as an injustice? Do “No Protest Zones” enhance or impede our “Freedom of Speech?”  Think about it. It was the protest of the Vietnam war that lead our country to pull out. Then it was the “Patriot Act” after 911 that limited our ability to speak out against the direction that our country was going when it established the “No Protest Zones”. And today, we have a policy of not gathering in groups of 10 or more.

Tell me. Are you really secure in your own home when you know that the authorities can raid it at anytime with a “No Knock Warrant” signed by a judge based of fabricated information supplied by law enforcement? Do you not understand that this means you can be shot and killed just because you flinched and it was perceived as a threat?

Or better yet. Your home can be taken from you under the guise of eminent domain in order to enhance the community that you live in. In other word, they can force you out at anytime. So do you really ever own you home or the land that it is on? Are you really secure in you own home, when you know it can be taken at anytime?

Do you have rights over your own body when vaccines are being forced upon you or your children? A policy that is implemented by either coercion, intimidation, and force. Most of us know that they are not all safe, yet it is still a requirement if one is to be allow to move throughout the community.

Are you allowed to have more than $10,000 in cash without the IRS coming and knocking at you door, then demanding to know where it came from? If you save money in a can and decide you want to buy a car, can you do it without using the banking system? Or are you forced to allow some other entity to hold your wealth?

Are you allowed to fish or hunt in order to feed your family without permission and paying for the privilege? Are you allowed to turn your yard into a garden without some local government entity demanding that you stop. Are you allowed to stock up on food and supplies without being accused of hording?

What about your children? Are you allowed to raise them up with your beliefs and values if it is contrary to the states? Are you allowed to discipline a child without being accused of abuse? I am not just talking about spanking a child, but I am talking about speaking to a child in a firm tone that might hurt it’s feelings. Why have we become a nation that has given up parenthood in order to be friends with a child?

How is it that we can still believe we are free when we continue to submit to all the controllers that have been put over us? How are we free when it is they that dictate what we can and cannot do in our daily lives? How is it that we are free when we are given no real choice in who these controllers are? Where is our right to choose when the deck is stacked against us?

Are we free when it is Corporate America that is the Ruling Class and the rest of us are just drones trying to live from paycheck to paycheck with no end in site? These corporations lobby our representative’s to act in their own interests which is of no benefit to the rest of us. 

Do the Senator’s and Congress represent the people? Or do they wheel and deal for their own party interest? These are the people that we voted for, but did we really have a choice when they are the only one’s that have the financial backing of the party? 

What is the purpose of this Stimulus Checks that they voted for to give each and everyone of us? Where is all this money coming from? Is this an attempt to keep us all complacent so that we can’t see what the real agenda is.? Has not the government proven that they want more and more power over each us? Tell me, when will it end?

It will end when you see the troops on the ground and realize that you are not free and you never were. It will end when the veil of deception has been dropped and you realize that everything you have seen and heard is just an illusion. It will end when you have fully submitted to the power structure that rules our lives.

So stand your ground and never submit. Live the Dream and not the lie. Take control of your own life and do not let others control it.