Nationwide Emergency Alert Failure

Yesterday @ 2:30, They implemented the Nationwide Emergency Alert System. Many of us were concerned that this might have been a false flag operation and that something might be happening. So we went dark. It may have been nothing more than a drill.

When we went back on line, many were pointing out that nothing happened. That we had a over reaction. This is probably true on our part. We also promoted the idea of going dark, just in case. We must point out that this was suppose to be just a test.  Thankfully nothing happened. However, something was revealed.

We had our dumb TV turned on to a local channel. We do not have a Smart TV simply because we control how much we are connected to the grid. Yes, a warning did pop up a few times as a crawler. But, if one was not looking for it, they would have missed it.

I expected at least some nice graphic with the FEMA Logo and some sound effects. I expected a real test to see how the system would work in the event of an emergency. I was highly disappointed.

Then we get to the cell phones. Most of the people we know that stayed online never got an alert. No Text. Nothing. But, this was only going to select phones, right? Right!

For a system that was suppose to be able to Alert The Nation of an Emergency, it was an utter failure. It does not work as intended. If something happens. You will not know about it until it is too late. You are already in the dark.  Think about a few scenarios that you will not be made aware of due to system failure.

  • Another country launches an all out attack on our country. Conventional or Nuclear. Well, you will have no time to seek shelter.
  • An attempt to overthrow the government with military force. If this were too happen, you might not want to be in the area.
  • Civil War. It might be too late once you realize it.
  • Yellowstone about to erupt. Are you ready for the ash and fallout?
  • Invasion from the North and South. Rumor has it that troops are already in place.

Add in your own scenarios and you can imagine just how bad it can possibly get. But, this posting is not about how bad things are. It is meant to show you that you cannot rely on the governments to inform or protect you. With that in mind. You need to have a game plan for your own tribe if you are too survive.

  • Trust The Plan.
    • Gods Plan, not Trumps
  • Continue to have faith
  • Pray without Ceasing
  • Care for your tribe
  • Listen and hear what God is telling YOU
  • Stand boldly in the face of adversity
  • Realize that you are not alone

May God comfort you and keep you safe during this time. May we all continue to serve God in the way that He directs us. May God continue to Bless You.