Open Letter – Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church

To: The Reverend Doctor William E. Flippin, Sr

May the blessing of God be upon you and the flock that you are charged with. After, reviewing your website, I am able to gain a little more insight into the value that you bring to not only the local community, but also the global community with the ability to reach the masses through online technology.

Your church does have an impressive track record of 104 years of ministering to the children of God. With a growth of up to 3000, it shows that you are a pillar in the community and have gained a great amount of trust among the people.

That fact that you have so many outreach programs shows that you are on track with what Christ called us to do. That is to go out and gather those that can be saved and bring then to Christ. I also do understand the burden with having the responsibility of caring for such a large flock. So I send you a blessing that you can continue to have the stamina to continue in the work that you were called for.

Over the last 18+ months, we have had an even greater challenge in caring for those in spiritual need simply because of the pandemic. So the question really is how do we minister to the flock and keep them safe at the same time. This is the great burden that was placed upon us. This is where faith comes in and the ability to trust Christ in all things.

But, the simple fact is that the Church has come under attack by the diabolical forces around us. This is also evidence by the fact that many have been burned down for daring to stay open during this time. In short, we are under attack and it is more important now that we stay the course and keep our eyes on God.

But, I do need to unburden my great distress during this challenging time. For my heart was crushed when the churches across the globe shut down leaving the flock with no shepherd. While online services does have it’s value, it can never replace the gathering of the believers in person.

The people need a sanctuary to be able to go to in times of great distress. This is our responsibility as a CHURCH. After all, we need to continue to minister and strengthen each other against the wiles of the devil. This is the thing that we are called for by GOD. We are responsible to care for them, encourage them and help them understand how it is that the enemy is attacking them.

I just finished reading an article about how you where requiring COVID vaccines for all worshiper’s. This was also confirmed on your face book page. So I have no doubt that this is valid.  However, this is not an isolated mandate since many churches are issuing the same mandates throughout the world.

How are we suppose to minister the gospel if it has become based on privilege? In other words, are we only minister to those that have fallen in line with what the government wants? The truth is the we answer to a higher power that does not discriminate. We are instructed to go out into all the world and preach the gospel.

The truth is that this has never been about the virus. This has been about the tyrannical take over of humanity and the destruction of Gods creation. It is the setup for the antichrist to take the stage for the final solution. We need to prepare the people for this.

Your adopting these mandates does nothing more than leave some of the believers in the dark and on the road to destruction. I ask you to reconsider your stance and focus on our mission to reach as many people as we can, before it is to late. In short, I am asking you to open your sanctuary to all people that are in need without any discrimination.

In Service to The King