Open Letter to Family & Friends

Why We Fight

There comes a time when one must make a stand in order to demonstrate what it is that they believe in no matter what the cost. While we understand that many of you are opposed to just about anything we say or do, the fact is we do extensive research and do not take our position lightly.

With the latest current event concerning Covid-19, we take issue with the response to  the economic ramifications which are doing more harm than the so called virus itself.  When you listen to the rhetoric given by these government controllers, one has to realize that this is not going to change anytime soon. Plus the fact they to continue to forecast the plans that they have for us.

We are hearing that this social distancing will be in place for well over a year until they come up with  vaccine. In the mean time they want the rapid test in order to determine who might be sick or who ever was sick. The problem with this rapid test is that everyone will be tested at some point. From this day forth, do not expect to go to the grocery of anywhere else , without being tested. This is our new normal. And God Forbid that anyone in your neighborhood test positive. They will mobilize all the troops and declare your area as a hot zone. Prepare for that needle stick. If you think that we are stretching this a bit, just listen to them.

Now it is highly suggested that we all wear masks whenever we are outside of our own individual prisons. You may call it your home. Either way, if is still a lock down and your movements throughout society is becoming more limited everyday. This is not freedom. This is Tyranny imposed by ever level of the government.  As we watch this drama unfold, one cannot help to see the total destruction of our way of life.

With countless millions out of work because the tyrants have shut down businesses, how is it that we will ever go back to the way off life that we had just a little more than a month ago. With people out of work, they don’t make purchases, and even the existing businesses¬† fail leading to more reduction of the work force. With that, the stocks become worthless and we are driven into a greater depression that we more than likely will not find our way out of.

This is the damage that our governments have implemented on us. The so called experts are driving society to destruction based on inaccurate data by those that cannot even do simple math. All they are doing is making guesses without any foundation of truth. In other words, they are lying to us in order to control the populations for their own agenda.

However, the mass protest have started simply because the people do not believe the numbers and they want to go back to work. They understand that this lock down is detrimental to our lives. These protest will only increase simply because it is building a momentum of true patriots that understand that unless we act, the morons in power will leave us with a society that can never recover. In other words, we will cease to have any influence throughout the world because our country will become enslaved my the 1 % that have the power.

This is why civil unrest is needed. This is why we the people need to ignore the restrictions that are being placed upon them and go back to work and resume their normal lives. This is why we need to fight the oppression that if being forced upon us. This is why we need to be prepared for whatever intervention that those in power over us throw our way. This is why we need to continue to have Mass Protest throughout the country that cannot be controlled. We need to take the protest to them wherever they decide to hide and refuse to acknowledge the “No Protest Zone”. On May 1, 2020 Operation Gridlock Begins. This is the day we start to take our lives back.