Operation Blackout

Our friends in France are calling for a Black Out !!!!!  Here is the posting:

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Black Out !!!!! 21 minutes ???? On October 12, 2021, we want to simultaneously do a global blackout of 21 minutes, to show our strength. Let's show our strength! At the same time, we all shut off the electricity and switch off phones, mobiles, social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). It is our protest against the regulations, the restrictions of fundamental laws related to the C * virus. People around the world who want to end the mask requirement, social distancing, coercion of children or mandatory vaccination can use it to show resistance. We must turn off all users of electricity, cell phones, the Internet and other electronic devices. We will do this on October 12, 2021, we will turn off all devices for 21 minutes between 4:00 p.m. and 4:21 p.m. and cut off all power. There is no need to take to the streets, just turn off everything they use to control us. It is an expression of our strength, solidarity and moral courage regarding measures related to the C * virus. Let's all show our strength. Stop time and use the 21 minutes for yourself, your family, to relax or for your own thoughts. Illuminate the darkness. Species ? Human Birthplace ? Earth Political orientation? Freedom Religion? Love All over the world before the blackout "Illuminate the darkness".
Fixed hours: NEW YORK 10:00am
LOS ANGELS 07:00 am
CHICAGO 9:00 a.m.
MONTREAL 10:00 am
VANCOUVER 7:00 a.m.
SYDNEY 12:00
AUCKLAND 2 o'clock
TOKIO 23:00
SEOUL 23:00
BANGKOK 21:00 hours
PEKING 22:00
LONDON 15:00 hrs.
BERLIN 16:00 hrs
HOLLAND 16:00 hrs
PARIS 16:00
PRAGUE 16:00
MOSKVA 17:00
MADRID 4:00 pm
Source: Fan Club Bhakdi (Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist and epidemiologist) Share ???? For France, it is October 12 between 4:00 pm and 4:21 pm. Everything has to be disconnected from electricity, all devices on batteries all without exception everywhere on earth, while everyone has the correct time in relation to their time zone when it is 4:00 pm. what time is it in your country. So for you it will happen at that time. Thank you all, we are winning because together we are the most numerous. Cordiality. Translate for any language.
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This is a concept that we should probably take seriously. We need to get use to the idea of going dark and not having to rely on an entity providing services. In other, words we need to prepare ourselves mentally for a shut down of the grid. By doing this, we show those in power that we will not be intimidated by threats or fear. No, it is not going to change anything. We are heading quickly down the road to tyranny and this is a truth that we all need to be prepared for. However, it does demonstrate that the people will not go down willingly. It does show unity of those that value freedom and our devotion to Christ. It is after all, our faith in God that will carry us on to victory. For we know that God remembers and keeps His Promises. Not in our timeline, but His.

What is amazing is the creativity of the men and woman of God that we have been witnessing throughout this adventure. For we have taken the path of non-violence even though that the enemy has impose violence against us. The enemy feeds on the fear and we are fighting the feeling of fear every minute of every day. Without fear, the enemy has very little power or control of the people, because they can not break the mindset.

Build Back Better is the Mantra of the enemy. I have to agree with this concept. But, we need to build the society that we want. Not what the elite have designed for us. We need to all understand that it is NOT US that is building a better society. But, God is giving it too us. We just have to take it. Keep the faith.