Operation Breadcrumbs

We have now officially launched Operation Breadcrumbs. This same tactic can be used to promote any website or campaign that you want to market or promote. With censorship being what it is today, we have to find alternatives ways to communicate by bypassing search engines and relying other entities to drive traffic to the direction we need to promote.

  1. Create a Hard Copy of a Business Card.
  2. Simply leave this card in places where people will find it. Store shelves, restaurants, ect. Do not just hand it out. Let peoples curiosity compel them to wonder and discover the site.
  3. You are working incognito. In other words, you do not have to engage in a conversation with idiots to try to convince them of your truth.
  4. Carry out the operation in plain site without being seen. The enemy will never even know you where there.
  5. This method can also be used to promote any protest or demonstration by pointing people to the information.
  6. It is critical that you try to limit the information on the breadcrumbs. The goal is to drive them forward and not to drive them away.
  7. Finally; always remember; you are working incognito, so be extremely mindful of the fact and watch your back.

So think about this concept and pray for guidance on how you might want to incorporate this tactic in our fight for the survival of humanity. If this does not work for you, think of other ways to engage and fight. After all, we are all in this together.