Our Lives Don’t Matter

Lock Down

This past spring when Covid-19 ran rapid throughout our nation as well as the rest of the world, the power structure implemented a Lock Down, or the official term was Shelter in place. Businesses were shut down, schools were closed, hospitals basically stopped all treatments for anything that was not Covid-19 related; well they called it elective procedures; and society was driven to a halt. All of this was done to “Slow the virus and flatten the curve”

The result was the destruction of businesses, rising unemployment, No tax revenue, A new way to educate our children; with little to no oversight, limit food lines for those that needed free food to survive. The list goes on, but the fact is that it tanked our economy on a global scale. All of this was because those in power took the control of little dictators and implemented their own new rules and made anyone criminal that did not abide and agree with them. And their power over the people grew. Social Distancing, No Crowds of more than 10 people, No visiting loved ones in the nursing homes or hospitals and the list goes on. Don’t forget that they want us all to wear masks.

Lest we forget, according to these mini dictators, this is the new normal for us and we all just need to embrace it. After all, the virus will be along for months or years to come. Unless we follow these new rules, we are going to die. But, there is hope on the horizon when the magic vaccine is developed that will save mankind. Just bear in mind that they want this to be mandatory even though it might kill you outright.

The Response

The response of the people was swift and like a storm blowing across the nation it took on a life of it’s own. Massive protest demanding that the states opened up were immediate and continued to grow. They ignored the social distancing and demanded that people responsible for the actions taken to be fired. For the most part they were peaceful, yet they did have a show of force in order to show these little dictators that they would not be stopped. I am not sure that I can agree with the bringing of arms to the protest which did happen, but it was more of a statement then it was a threat. While it was meant to give the illusion of protecting the protesters, if could have quickly unraveled and turned into a standoff.

However, I did fully support the protest and the civil unrest. The fact that people ignored the guidelines and took the the streets to tell the mini dictators that they would not comply was a site that I thought I would never see in my lifetime and it was good to see the sheep turn into lions. It was a good thing to finally see people stand up for their rights, rather that let the government continue to rape them.

Unfortunately , many people continue to wear the yoke of bondage around their necks and follow the demands of the dictators and the media. They continue to wear the masks even though they cannot breath and look at those of use that refuse to wear the mask with disdain as if we were the enemy.

Armed Protests

The most disturbing thing we saw was at the beginning, these protests were heavily armed. Now I realize the the rhetoric was that they were there to protect the protesters and a show of force. The problem is what they would do if the protest unraveled into violence due to law enforcement. Their are some that are looking for a revolution and an overthrow of the government. Even if this were to happen, then what would we be left with and who could we trust to be in charge? The simple fact is that we are not ever going to be able to change those that are in power over us. They have all the cards and have been preparing for this since the beginning.

We Are Being Manipulated

So Social Distancing is demanded, yet the government encourages us to protest as is our so called rights. Can anyone even see the logic behind this? If you look behind the curtain, one can’t help so see the end game here. They wanted civil unrest. They wanted to protest to turn violent. They wanted justification to use force against the people. And the people took the bait. Look at the reality in world history. How many times have protest changed anything? The fact is that when a protest gets out of control, those in power always use force to put it down. They don’t care who they kill and are more than willing to do so. I am not saying that people should not protest. I am just saying that it is futile. We need to find another way other than to play into their hands.

Media Control

This is by far the best weapon that the governments have in controlling the mindset of the people. If you look closely enough, you see that it is all scripted and so far from the truth of what is really happening. If you tell people a lie long enough and over and over again, they will believe it. They are so easily manipulated that I find if hard to feel sorry for them when they discover the truth. People are not willing to question the information they are given nor do some simple research to determine if it is valid. Does any of it make any sense? You own gut should tell you something is not right, but it is easier to believe the narrative that they want to tell you.

Force a Revolution

By now everyone of us knows about the fact that a policeman murdered a man by putting his knee on the mans neck and killing him. We saw the video over and over until it was ingrained into our minds and we were force to believe that this had only  to do with race. After all, the Government and the Media told us so, It must be true then. Enter the Black Lives Matter Movement. And just in case you were not aware, this movement is worldwide. The government and the Media jumped on this like a fly on shit. In other words, they played the race card and people fell for it without question.

I agree that Black Lives Matter. But then again all lives matter no matter what race your are or what your religious beliefs. No group of people is superior to another. We all all human and we all bleed red. But, we have been conditioned to hate any group that is not like us. For example; the Muslims ; because they do not believe in the same GOD that we do. Or the new one in the works. The Chinese, because our leaders tell us that they are trying to destroy our country and our way of life. The simple fact is that the controllers perpetrate the racial hatred because they have the agenda of total control over the people and as long as the people are fighting among themselves, they can not see what the governments are doing. So as was the plan, violent protests erupted all over the country and into the UK.

Racism Has Always Existed

And suddenly racism has become the main topic of today. It is as if a light has suddenly been turned on and the truth has been revealed as if no one knew it even existed or it just never seemed that important to anyone. One simply has to look at human history to see that it has always been there. Racism it not limited to any one group of people. People just have to find a reason to hate what they don’t understand. But, until we all recognize this fact, nothing is going to change.

What is ironic is that White People are the only one’s that are being accused of racism. What is being talked about now is “White Privilege” as if being white automatically gives you an unfair advantage in the world. It just simply does not.