I found these 3 Prophecy‘s that I written on November 20, 1988. I really never expected it to come to pass in my lifetime. Now,  I see it for what is happening right now. So open your eye’s and see the truth on what is really going on.

First Prophecy

The time has come for us to join hands.
And walk together into the promised land.

A trumpets been sounded, and the end has come near.
But if you trust Jesus, You have nothing to fear.

Our enemy’s have gathered to keep us at bay.
We have to stand firm, cannot go astray.

The earth has been shaken, but they still fail to see.
That if they join with our band, they too will be free.

We have all kinds of people, the young and the old.
All races and creeds, the weak and the bold.

Yet we walk together, in the light of His love.
And gather our strength from the power above.

Second Prophecy

Listen children to what I say.
As we approach our final day.

For now comes the time for us to stand firm.
Prepare for the battle, be ready to burn.

The end of our time has finally come.
A new beginning is waiting for some.

Did you really believe, what your churches have said.
You now look upon them and find their all dead.

Do you not understand, the meaning of life.
For with Jesus Christ, you can end all your strife.

Now soon He will come, like a thief in the night.
You decision is quick, and better be right.

Third Prophecy

The time has come for us to join hands.
And prepare to be lead into the Promised Lands.

The war has been brewing, for many a year.
Between good and evil, our biggest fear.

One side will loose and the other will win
All to be determined, by the wages of sin.

Do you follow your heart or follow a name.
Do you not realize the rules of the game.

Are you willing to die for what you believed.
The pain and the torment, that cannot be relieved.

Now comes the time, for a side you must choose.
No matter which one, you must be willing to loose.

Now I gather my strength for the one that’s above
I am washed of my fears, by his undying love.

By the blood of Jesus, I am washed of my sin.
With Him by my side, I know I will win.