RE: World Wide Demonstration on May 15, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio.

A person asked “Did you all have a demonstration back in March? I want to come but have no babysitter so wasn’t sure how family friendly.”

A response to this is “This is not your typical day at the park. Nor is it a day for fun and games. It is a day when people say they have had enough and want their lives back and take a stand. Depending on the age of yours kids, this can be a teaching experience for them, but you as a parent has to decide.”

I am finding this same attitude in a lot of treads asking if a demonstration is “Family Friendly” which leads me to believe that a lot of people are not willing to take a stand against this tyrannical takeover that we have had to endure for more than a year.

Let me ,make myself perfectly clear here. If you do not have an understanding on what is at stake here and are not willing to leave your comfort zone to take a stand because you are afraid, then stay home and stay out of our way.

We will carry the banner of freedom for all of humanity. We will continue to resist and we will continue to refuse to comply with the orders that the overlords are attempting to put into place.

I would rather die fighting against tyranny, than to be slaughtered as a willing slave.

And while you are at home shaking with your tinfoil hat and your mandates, Don’t worry. Our Movement is growing and “We got this”