Recommended Sites

Here we are providing some sites of interest for your daily reading. The more information that we learn, the better equipped and prepared we are to handle the things that happen in our daily lives. This will continue to be updated, so make sure you come back.

Lew Rockwell
Ohio Class Action | Committee for a Better Ohio
Enough Movement
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D.
Millions Against Medical Mandates
Richard M Fleming PhD, MD, JD
The Highwire
Children’s Health Defense
American Front Line Doctors
Lockdown Sceptics
Vaccine Wars Com | Vaccine Wars – Vaccine Wars Update
The Corbett Report
Stop World Control
No Jab For Me
World Wide Demonstration
Brand New Tube
An alternative to YouTube.
Telegram Messenger
You can download this. It is a more secure and much better than facebook. A lot of us are using this now to bypass censorship.
Health Freedom Advocacy Center | Stand For Health Freedom
The Art of Manliness
Vernon Coleman