Shelter In Place

As of midnight tonight, we have all been ordered to stay in our homes. We are only allowed to go out under circumstances. For example, to get supplies, get medical help, get gas, dog food, whatever.

If your business is not essential, then it is shut down. I am not sure what is considered essential, but the guidelines are somewhere on the internet, so I am sure that if you have any questions, you can look it up.

Stay safe Ohio and Stay Safe America. Know that your leaders have listened to your complaints about people gathering in bars, restaurants, churches and so forth and taken action in order to address your concerns and make you feel safe. Just remember that Ohio and America loves you and wants what is best for all of us.

It is important that each of us follow the rules and report anyone that might violate any of these order. Snitching is a good thing. Those of us that survive will have a Better Ohio, a Better America, and a Better World.

It is not a Lock Down. It is a Shelter in Place. That means to stay in your designated space and defend it at all cost. Remember, we are at war and the enemy has breached the outer wall. If we go out of our designated space, then we are in enemy territory and need to ensure that we take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Everyone is suspect and a potential threat to our safety. Just let the delusions sink in and allow society to devolve into total anarchy. And all the sheep say “Baa Baa. We bow to our Master’s”