Social Distancing 2.0

Social Distancing has always existed. It is not a new concept. We have always respected the personal space of an individual. It is something that was natural in all of humanity. This was the normal life.  A time that that is now in the past. A time when the only time that a persons personal space was entered was to shake hands, embrace each other, or violate the person.

The natural order of things is the ability to have that intimate physical connection with each other. This is a concept in all of nature. This is life. I can’t help but to reflect on the fact that dogs play with each other. The same is true with cats and everything else. I can remember a time when children played together. It was a time that was not that long ago. But, humanity is being transformed into something I can’t even recognize.

Social Distancing Upgrade 2.0

The Social Distancing Upgrade 2.0 that has been implemented by our those who’s agenda is to change the fabric of humanity. With this new upgrade, we will all be safe. We all know that with any upgrade, certain bugs need to be worked out. But, lets trust our leaders and know that our best interest is the thing that they are concerned about the most.

Think about every upgrade on the devices that you use. Every one of them went without a hit and had no problems. They work flawlessly. Or maybe you just did not notice, that your device got worse, not better. Maybe you had to learn how to use the device all over again. Or Maybe you just got a new device. It is only natural that we continue to learn in able to interact with technology.

So now we enter the New Learning Curve in regards to Social Distancing. So lets examine a few points in order to make this a success and bring humanity to a new and higher level.

  • Keep six feet apart. More would even be better. And the best is not to come into close proximity to anyone at all. That is why we have the New Gathering Platform for engaging with one another by means of video conferencing. We not longer have to have physical interactions with anyone.
  • Remember, that everyone that you might come into contact with has the potential of killing you from the germs that they might have possibly been exposed too. This is especially from your family and friends. So it is best to stay away from them at all cost.
  • If you must go out for any reason, make sure that you are in your full hazmat suit and make sure that you decontaminate yourself before entering your home or prison cell. But, remember to keep as far away from other people as you can. Your life depends on it.
  • If you see someone that is not following the guidelines of not wearing a mask for example. DO NOT approach them under any circumstances. They are a real and present danger. Your best move is to run in the opposite direction and pray that it is not too late for you.
  • Do not embrace your children ever. Unconfirmed study’s indicate that children that are pamper grow up to be weak. It is best that they learn that life is hard at the very beginning or their lives. They need to learn to fend for themselves. This is by far the best way to keep us all safe.
  • For couples, it would be best to have separate sleeping quarters. Even better would be to have separate homes to reduce the chance of being exposed to danger. This is a sacrifice that we must all make if we have any home of humanity surviving. What about intimacy you ask. You have video conferencing, so just use you imagination.
  • You need to see a doctor. Well what do you think telehealth is for? This way, you can see you doctor without leaving the house. It keeps us all safe with the advantage of not having to travel and sit in a waiting room and exposing us to danger.
  • Stay informed by watching your Lying TV. This way you can know the new protocols as they are released. Better yet, make up some new more restrictive rules for you and loves ones. Think of anything that will make you safer.

We are all in this together

A Few Disclaimers

There are a few instances where the new social distancing guidelines do not apply because there is no risk of danger.

  • Protest are allowed. If is free speech and the right to assemble. That does not mean you can go to church. But, you can march, hold signs and scream. You will be safe.
  • The germs also know to stay away from riots. The more violent the riot, the safer you are from exposure.

It is our hope that you now understand this new era of social distancing so that you can make the adjustment to the new advance normal as we make the transformation to the new and improved humanity. With this, we will continue to evolve until we are all just mindless drones with the sole  purpose of serving our masters.