The Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

It Is Getting Hot Here In Ohio.
This image was taken from The Facebook Group – Ohio Stands United

It is not only getting hot in Ohio, but in many states across the Nation. People are just beginning to stand up for the rights that the governments have taken away. The call for civil unrest is happening now and will only escalate as the morons in power continue to impose the restrictions and the violation of our natural human rights. If you listen to the rhetoric from our press briefing, you can only conclude that their is not plan to go back to normal.

We had all been deceived into believing that the government had all the power over us. That we had very little recourse other than to Protest that never really made a difference or changed anything. But, now we have the game changer. With unemployment in Ohio being around a million, the people have nothing else to do. It is not like we have jobs to go to. And we watch our livelihood destroyed, we have no choice left but to fight and resist all oppression.

The reality is that this has the potential of becoming the most violent time in our American History. The fire has already been lit and the winds of rebellion are fueling the flame.  This is a fire that is starting to blaze and will not be able to be extinguished anytime soon. The sheep are being transformed into lions and they are angry. Once this happens, nothing is going to be able to stop them.

The rhetoric from our so called leaders that we are all in this together has backfired. The fact is that we are all in this together in that we are resisting, rebelling, protesting and fighting for our natural human rights. We are preparing for armed conflicts and we will not stand down. Unlike our leaders, we have learned from history and know what they are capable of.

Just remember that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. They are the one’s that brought this on themselves. They are about to get an awakening, because we the people are not going to take it anymore.