The Black Sheep

For the record, I enjoy being labeled as the Black Sheep in society. While all the other sheep respond to the sound of the trumpet pronouncing gloom and doom, I just stay at my edge of the field in astonishment over how easy it is to get these little mindless drones to respond. But; then again; they do need someone to lead them since they are incapable of thinking for themselves.

What is amazing about sheep is that they are predictable. Take any event and watch them scatter about in terror until someone or something tells them what to do to be safe. They simply do not know how to figure it out on their own. You can tell the sheep anything, and they will believe it.

So now the alarm sounds again and the Covid-19 virus is the latest threat we have all been waiting for since 911. We have been told over and over for almost 20 years that our enemies were going to release a virus or a dirty bomb and destroy our way of life.

This time it is the State Government’s that have seized power in order to control the population under their control. Like a concert, all the Governor’s are working together so that all the measures that they put in place are consistent across the country. Of course this is all still being directed by the Federal Government. Or is it?

All one has to do is look behind the curtain in order to see who is really causing the panic and forcing the sheep scatter in sheer terror on what is about to come. Since they are all blinded by fear, they are not even able see what is in front of them, or even take a peek at “The Man behind the curtain”

Now, we are are hearing the rhetoric about Martial Law. But; I ask you; who is pushing for it and what is the agenda? If one stops looking at the stage and takes a glimpse at the audience, they will see the true power that is being imposed upon all of them. This is the power of the Media.

If the media gets their way. Then Martial Law will be imposed and all of our liberties will be taken away from us. This would lead to civil unrest and a call to overthrow the government; which is our constitutional right; and to replace it with what?

We all know that the government lies about almost everything. We all know that 911 was the biggest lie perpetrated upon the world in order to justify the annihilation or domination of an entire culture of people that do not fit in with our Judaeo-Christian values. And we all know that the ultimate agenda of the government is total control of the people.

So here we are at the edge of destruction that will change the rest of our lives. But, this can only happen if we let it. This can only happen if we continue to believe the illusion and not use common sense. In other words. Wash your hands and avoid sick people as best as you can like you have done your entire lives. It is only a virus; and while it may be a bad one; it probably will not kill most of you.

And the sheep say to me this:

“Look you little insignificant black sheep. If you don’t like it here, then you can just get out. Just remember, that no matter where you go in the world, you are going to pay us our taxes. You are one of us and since the rest of the world hates us, they are going to hate you”