The Curfew Begins

So now we have a curfew? But, the question I would ask is “What are they doing under the cover of Darkness?” With people confined to their homes, they cannot see what might indeed be happening around them. Let us all remember that evil works in the dark where the light cannot expose them. How easy would it be for them to gather some of us under the cover of darkness and relocate us to the re-education camps that we all suspect are coming our way? It is just a thought, but maybe we all need to set up a security watch in our own neighborhoods in order to warn each other of this potential threat. When will the military forces start to shoot anyone that is out past curfew? Just ask any veteran if this is true in country’s that have imposed a curfew on their own people. Our governor has already indicated that this curfew may last longer then 3 weeks. I predict this is going to be a long winter and by the time spring time comes, well our resistance will be at a whole new level. How many of us are really prepared for the dark days that are coming? Our governors are right about only one thing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. But, it is not because of what they are doing. It is because we the people are waking up to the deception and their plan, and WE ARE TAKING ACTION.