The Grand Finale Begins

  • School Closings (May not open again this year)
  • No visits to Nursing Homes
  • Courts Shutting Downs
  • No Prison Visits
  • Restaurants and Bars Have Shut Down throughout the State
  • No crowds allowed
  • Churches have shut down
  • Quarantine (Not mandatory as of yet)
  • National Guard to be activated to deal with this crisis?

This country is becoming One Big Prison with more measures being implemented every day to impede socialization of the masses.

Trump is talking about limiting domestic travel

This show is just beginning so sit back and watch as the circus unfolds because their is a whole lot more to come. In other words. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

As we watch this drama unfold, I am not surprised at how quickly the sheep come into compliance with not only what their Masters instruct them to do, but what the media demands that they do. One has to wonder who is really in control here when all we get is a sanitized or fantasied version of the truth. All that has to be done is sound the alarm, and sheep scatter throughout the fields in panic.

Everyday we are bombarded with information of doom and gloom that most of us have be preparing for all of our lives. Well at least for the last almost 20 years. Here, we watch our governor telling us about how most of us are going to die from this Covid-19 virus. He reminds me of the troll under the bridge that comes out and tell us how he is going to kill us if we don’t pay the toll.

Then we are told about how all the kids carry this virus. Even if they do not appear to be sick, they can still give it to us and kill us if we get too close. So my question to anyone reading this. “Do you have your 6 foot stick, so that you can poke them and yell at them to go away?” Remember, death comes at the hands of the small child. Talk about the power of our youth.

As to our rights to assemble together, socialize and share idea’s. Well goodbye Constitution. It was outdated anyway. At least we are safe. But, we can still go to church online, right? I remember something in the past about separation of church and state. Goodbye Church, Goodbye Worship, Adios Spiritual Growth, Hasta la vista tithe and offerings. Hey, all they ever wanted was our money anyway.

And still the shows goes on. If you think that we can protest. Think again. Groups of more than 9 are prohibited according to the latest guidelines. So how much impact do you think your little protest is really going to make? None!

Yet, we are all safe. We are all going to get through this. Maybe, possibly by August 2020. Don’t worry about Covid-19 virus 2.0 coming this fall. We can all worry about that when the time comes. Don’t worry about your jobs. Our Masters will make sure we are provided for in our own private prisons cells. And when you see that BIG RED X put on your door, just remember that you are doing YOUR PART to save us all. When you see those folks in uniform marching and rolling down your street, just be happy and follow the instructions they give you. After all, we are suppose to support our troops. Better yet, offer them flowers as a sign of gratitude.

By all means. DO NOT GO OUT INTO THE SUNLIGHT. If you do that, you might build up your immune system and kill that poor little virus which would upset the whole plan. Besides, the sun might give you cancer. So stay indoors and keep your window’s and doors shut. Fresh air is bad for you anyway. And again, it might also kill that poor little virus that is working so hard to change all of our lives.

So sit back, eat your popcorn and enjoy the show. Those of us that have not died from the virus, died of starvation, been downright killed due to civil unrest, or relocated to the re-education camps can look back and reminisce about the better times on what life use to be when we had the American Dream.