The Hanging Channel

Note: This posting is just a satire. It is just an observation of what might happen someday. If you are offended by it, then you might not realize what is really going on in the world. It is only written for entertainment. We cannot confirm or deny any of the theory’s that are presented here. Anyway, enjoy the ride.

Crimes Against Humanity

In March 2020, War was officially declared on humanity at the Global Level. While many of us had been preparing for it for decades, we were still caught by surprise and not prepared for the first wave of attacks. The fact that this coordinated attack came at the same time across the globe, revealed that their was a more sinister enemy leading the charge that was at a higher status than our governments.

We watched as our elected leaders handed power over to the health departments. It was the Health Departments that imposed the draconian lock downs of our society’s. It was the Health Departments that imposed the mask, social distancing, and ritual handwashing. It was the Health Departments that shut down schools, businesses, churches and health care providers. Always remember, that they are the ones that cancelled elective surgeries which put countless people at risk and brought about theirs deaths.

Putting us in our own private prison cells for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve” turned into months and years. Holding out the promise of freedom if we obeyed was like a carrot on a string that we could never grasp as it was always just out of reach. However, the ultimate promise was implemented with the promise of a vaccine that would save us all and restore our freedoms. Remember the narrative. “This vaccine would come from God”  But, we have to ask.”Which God was Trump referring too”

Enter Operation Warp Speed declared by the Trump Administration. The term Operation reveals that this was a military operation which was an attack on the enemy. This enemy was not the virus. This Enemy is Humanity. Trump also activated the Ready Reserves of the military to coordinate, implement and assist in this battle against “The Virus”.

So humanity was confined to their prison cells homes and was bombarded with propaganda from the Official Media. The Official Narrative that informed us of the countless deaths that “This Virus” was bringing about. Proved by graphs and charts that appeared to be drawn by a 6 year old which were the same throughout the world. You know, “The Experts”  

However, ” We The People” had questions that the official refused to answer. So we started to ignore the mandates and implemented the protests. This did not appear to bother the overlords in that Protesting was our right. The fact is that they were already prepared for the resistance. They had a plan to address it.

What they did not have a plan for was the direction that the protests would take. In our State, we started protesting in front of the Health Directors own home in her own neighborhood. Our State Governor Dewack was highly displeased with us and informed us that this was not acceptable. We were not allowed to target the Health Director. If we wanted to target anyone, we should come to him. Challenge accepted. We targeted his own private farm in Cedarville ,Ohio.

The opportunity arose to play the race card. This they did from the pulpit by proclaiming that racism was a strong element of our society. This was announced at the local, state, federal and global level. This would lead to humanity turning against itself and fighting one another. As long as we were divided and not united, then the focus would be in the direction that they wanted. This is called misdirection. It is a magic trick. It works just about all the time. In other words, do not let the Humans see that you are doing.

  • Isolate the elderly into death camps nursing homes and allow no visitations.
  • Refuse to treat illness until the patient turns blue, and then put them on ventilators in order to murder them.
  • Force patents to undergo offsite testing in order to be provided healthcare.
  • Force children to wear mask for extended periods of time in order to compromise their ability to breath.
  • Restrict Travel to local areas
  • Closed Church’s and places of worship.
  • Subject Humanity to a Constant Unrelenting Fear Campaign in order to control them.
  • Censor all information that question the narrative.
  • Arrest, fine and imprison anyone that tried to fight too hard to maintain their individual rights.

The list goes on and on. Each of us knows what happened. History will record all of these crimes. All we have done here is just give a few small nuggets of what happened. So we will shift forward into the next step.

After the election process was compromised. After a president was put in place that the people did not elect. In essence the peoples right to choose their leader was stolen. The entire system of government that we had come to rely on, got the final nail in the coffin. It died and we found ourselves under the complete control of a system that did not recognize the liberty of the people. Enter Phase 2 of the war against humans.

This would require to mass execution of million if not billions. The weapon of choice was the death shot injection vaccine. In our country, the plan was to inject at least 70% of the population within 6 months with the death shot. That works out to be about 232,318,790 people. We have to wonder how they planned to dispose of this many dead. As of the date of this writing, they are getting closer to the goal.

Information Warfare

From the moment that the first lock downs were implemented, The Digital Warriors went into action. This became a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week with no breaks endeavor. Gathering intelligence was the most critical element of our operations, As we gathered the truth, we exposed it to the public via social media which resulted in us getting censored, banned and cancelled.

The overlords did everything to discredit us. However, we used their own published data from their own Official Websites. The CDC, FDA, NIH ect. We also discovered that they had no sampling of the Covid Virus anywhere in the world. This indicated that the Virus Narrative was just a tool to inflict fear among the masses. With the masses in panic, the overloads could do whatever they wanted to destroy humanity.

The overlords intensified their own misinformation campaign. They claimed that we were murdering people with the reliable information that we had and were continuing to gather. The more information we gathered, the more we began to realize and expose that this had a far greater reach then just the virus. The dark closets were being opened and countless dirty little secrets were exposed and coming to light.

This was a real threat to the agenda that they planned for us. So of course in order to keep their narrative going, they resorted to not discredit us. They decided to hunt us down and cancel us. This would entail implementing “Murder Inc” and force us into the underground where we could still carry out our operations to reveal the truth. Even to the point we refused to live in fear and we refused to back down.

As a result, people around the world turned out in MASS PROTEST in order to restore our basic human rights. These protest intensified with people demanding justice. We the people refused to obey the diabolical mandates. We refused to be silenced. We refused to go away. We refused to submit to tyranny. We did not impose violence. But, our voices and demands would never be stopped. Eventually, we were heard and the whole agenda came to a screeching halt.

Nuremberg 2.0

Justice began. After all the years of oppression. After all of the evidence was gathered. With all of the testimonies coming in throughout the world. The international World Court issued the global indictments which was so much more than we could have ever imagined.

Nuremberg 2.0 would make the first Nuremberg look like a cake walk and because of the intensity of the crimes, it was decided that it should be open to the public in order to prove that nothing would be hidden. That the justice that humanity demanded would be held in open court and broadcast throughout the world.

It was decided that the Military Units in all county’s would arrest all of those that were indited and hold them until their trial date. This was done quickly before they had a chance to escape. While this had a great impact on every society, it was a necessity in order to bring these criminals to justice. A small sampling included

  • Government Officials even in the highest offices (Past and Present)
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • All members of the World Economic Forum
  • All Members of the World Health Organization
  • Member of all the Department of Health
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • The Rockerfeller Foundation and like entities
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The International World Bank
  • Phama, the CDC, FDA, NIH
  • Doctors, Nurses and anyone involved in giving the death shot
  • Media Personality’s that insisted on pushing the propoganda
  • Child Trafficers
  • School Administrators that molded our children with diabolical theories rather that education.
  • Business leaders that enforced tyrannical mandates
  • All stockholders that provided financial support to any of these organizations
  • Any person that used intimidation for others to follow this diabolical plan.
  • The heads of Social Media Platforms to push the agenda and censor the truth.

Again, we note that this is just a small sampling of the criminal involved in this cartel. It is just to give an idea of how far this is beginning to grow.

It should also be understood that a mere hanging is too good for these criminals. While if may seem that we are going back to the barbaric times, the point is that we have to be meaner that evil. Does this make us evil? I think not. We have to ensure that in the future, one would think twice before ever attempting crimes like this again. That is, the crimes against humanity. But, we the people will allow the judges on the panel to determine the manner of death.

Live Events Coming Soon

If you think the current Mainstream Media is going to cover this. Then you are mistaken. The Mainstream Media are defendants in the upcoming trials for the propaganda messages that they have implemented on us every since “Operation Mockingbird” went live. This includes the journalists.

It is the Citizen Journalists that have been doing the work and the research. It is the Citizen Media that has been broadcasting the truths. Keep in mind, that we will be the one’s broadcasting the events as the unfold. We will be the one’s that take the airways to inform humanity as to what is going on. I call this the hanging channel. We should be allowed to watch the trial, the judgement and the executions. This is the only way that justice can be witnesses and ensured.

The people should not have to pay anything for the trial. That expense needs to be paid for by the guilty. They need to pay for their own execution and pay the executioner. After all expenses are paid, the remainder of the wealth that they stole, needs to be returned evenly to the people.

After their execution, they are not entitled to a proper burial. They should be hung as a reminder that humanity will not tolerate the evil that they have inflicted on the world. Let the buzzards feast of their flesh.

Now this may all seem far fetched and a pipe dream. But, I remind you that it is we the people that have the real power. Not the 1%. When we all stand together as one unrelenting force, We will overcome this evil. No matter the cost. This is what they fear the most and this is why they are trying to destroy as many of us as they can before they meet the executioner. It is us that will have the last laugh.

Am I happy that this is going to happen? No I am not. Not at all. I would prefer that they turned away from evil and repented. I would prefer that they turn themselves over to God and seek his forgiveness. I would prefer that they would not have to suffer eternal damnation.

However, we all make choices on life. That is called free will. It is what makes us human. The ability to choose to seek truth light and love or to choose dark, depravity and hate.

Stay strong, Keep the Faith, Pray, Fight Fear. May God keep, guide and protect us. May God continue to forgive us of our sins and correct us if we happen to be wrong. We love you all. Now, take up the fight.