The New World Order

I found this image and felt it was worth a discussion to ponder on given the current environment that we find ourselves living in. What we see in the world is a planned event and most have not woken up to the reality on what the true agenda is. It is all smoke and mirrors to distract us from the true enemies of the world. The point being that their is a small group of the elite whose whole agenda is to take control and enslave mankind and lead it into total destruction of free will. Their is also a small group that is able to see what is going on and is fighting to resist and reveal the truth in these End Times.

End Times?

Yes, you read it correctly. We are now living in the End Times of our existence. Can any of you even see it? Do any of you really care? Or do you still think that this theory is far into the future and will not happen in our life times? Well; I hate to break it to you; but the transformation of the world is happening right now. Right under our noses.

I write this so that those who awaken to what is going on can prepare for what is coming. Because as bad as things are right now, they are only going to get worse. The New Normal is the phrase that they want and demand that you accept. We all know in our hearts that it will never go back to the normal that we had become accustomed too.

Let not you heart be troubled. Because there is a light at the end of this long dark journey. All hope is not lost. This New Normal does not have to be our New Normal. In other words, we have a choice on what our new normal will be. We are the ones that decide on our destiny. Mankind always has. Just look at history and understand that it is Mankind that determines the direction that they want to go.

When we allow others to control our lives, we become enslaved and dependent upon them. This is not the natural order of things. This is not life. This is servitude to the interests of a few for the so called betterment of all. This is in resistance to GOD. Or in other terms, this is in resistance to your spirit  which damages your soul and your being in this lifetime. So even if you do not believe in GOD or a higher spiritual being, it amounts to the same thing. That is the total destruction of self and what your true potential is.

In these times that are upon us, I will promise you this. You will lose friends and family. You will become the black sheep and their enemy. Your former friends and family will seek to destroy you simply because you see the truth and they have chosen to live in blindness. In these end times, the world will see you as the enemy and seek out your destruction. But, fear not. They can only destroy your body. They cannot destroy your spirit and soul. That is the most important part of you and no one can touch that unless you let them.

So What Should We Do?

First of all. Do not be afraid to die or be put to death. While it is natural that we all fear death because it is unknown, we can not let them use that fear to control us. Life is finite. It has a beginning and an end. This is the natural order of things. What is more important is how we decide to live our lives in the allotted time that we have been granted.

Second, learn basic survival skills so that you are not dependent of those in power to provide for you. A few examples:

  • Learn to grow your own food
  • Learn how to can and preserve what you grow
  • Figure out how to obtain collect and purify water
  • Set up a barter system. Be able to trade essential supply’s without the use of money.
  • Trade skills for skills and needs for needs.
  • Have a go-bag ready at all times and be prepared to make a quick exit. Be prepared to leave everything behind. Nothing you have is is that important.
  • Gun are up to you. But; keep in mind: that with guns, you need ammunition and the ability to obtain it. This adds to the weight that you have to transport. Their are other methods of defense.
  • Be ready to ditch all technology. It can and will be used to track you. Find other ways to communicate.¬† The goal here is to evade capture.

Third and final for this article. Be prepared for war. In other word, it is not all about hiding out. It is about harassing the enemy and breaking their will to fight. This means the underground resistance  with veterans that know tactics to disrupt the enemy. An example would be that when they set up a checkpoint, roadblock, whatever. We take it out along with their weapons. In other word, we instill fear for those that man the checkpoints. knowing that these checkpoints will be limited in manpower makes our job easier. Just hit and move on.

And For The Believers

Be comforted that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is coming on His Great White horse with the saints of God following him. We will see the Glory of God and His power. What a great day that will be.