Through The Eyes Of A Child

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagined such cruelty that we have witnessed being inflicted on the children by forcing them to get this injection. It is the visual effect that should have everyone sitting up and taking notice. You see it happening from your vantage point. But, now I want you to see it from the vantage point of a child.

A child is taken into a room where it encounters a mob in full gowns and masks. It is not just one other person that is giving the child a jab. It is a mob that holds it down by force and injects the terrified child. Of course, sometimes we see the parents there, but are they reassuring the child. No they are not. They are standing back as the child is abused. They are letting these medical tyrants abuse the child while they remain silent. They have no clue to how the child is seeing the event, nor do they care. Real Parenting skills there. Right?

Then of course we have the other end of the spectrum where the parents are not even made aware that their child is being forced to undergo this procedure without the parents knowledge or consent. How far can society devolve? What kind of psychological damage are we doing to a child when it realizes that it is not safe and no one is there to protect them? What a terrifying world that these children live in.

We have parents that are fighting tooth and nail from keeping their children from being abused. But, these tyrants do not care what the parents say. They just continue to implement this diabolical procedure to destroy the mind of a child. They are the worst that society as seen with these medical mandates.

I really don’t have much more to say on this subject. What we have seen says it all. The pure agony and hopelessness we are all going through is driving us to the point that will take up arms to fight the tyrants or we will continue to bow down until their is nothing left for us.

We can go to all the meetings and voice our concerns. They just do not care. From the school boards and up, they do not give a damn what the people think or want. They have the power simply because we give them the control. That needs to come to an end. If they refuse to change course, then we need to compel them to do so by force. We need to stop being the victims of this crime against humanity and put down these rabid dogs without mercy. If what they want is suffering, blood and death. Then we will bring it to them.  In other words, it is past the time to rise up and make sure that these tyrants have no place in our lives.

Now is the time that we make the tyrants terrified of the people. We take away their power, safety and comfort. We make them look over their shoulders in constant fear that they have become the hunted.