War is Upon Us

Just in case you have not noticed; since you have been locked in your cages for the last year; we are at war. What you need to realize that their are those in the government that want to take away everything that you hold dear in your lives. Your freedom to thrive, to speak, to congregate, and to live. They seek to destroy everything that you know and every aspiration that you have to excel in life. They will destroy your dreams and leave you with a desire of death which would be more merciful than living the life that they have in mind for you.

Throughout the world, humanity is taking a stand against the totalitarian take over. As we saw on the first day of spring, over 110 countries participated in large scale protests against the lock downs. However, this is just the beginning of what is yet to come this year. If we are to survive, then we need to escalate and take our fight to those that are seeking to enslave us. In other words, we need to treat this as the War that it is and not relent or surrender any aspect of our mission. The only thing that we will accept is a total unconditional surrender of our enemy’s. Which then we must bring them to trial before the International World Court on charges of crimes against humanity in order for the guilty to be executed on the world stage.

It should also be noted that their are those that are working hard to influence the governments to take actions against it own people. The one’s that stand to profit on the enslavement of humanity. These include those that want to take away our rights of free speech and force us to accept the narrative that they have designed for us. These are the liars and deceivers and are equally guilty and must serve the same fate as the rest of our enemy’s since they are an extension of the totality takeover and are worth of death by execution. Once they are executed, they should be hung so that the buzzards can feast of the flesh of their bones. In other words, they are not worthy of a burial. They should be on display so that history will show what happens to Tyrants.

The world knows this: but here in America; we are so distracted, that we do not realize what is going on. This is course is the plan implemented by our own overseer’s in order to keep us at odds with one another, rather than join in the fight for the common cause. Part of the reason for this is the American’s have never really had to fight for what they believe in and are spoiled. It is for this reason alone, that the America that we have come to love, will fall, unless we wake up and see what is really going on.

In America, we are willing to give up all of our freedoms just for the illusion of being safe. For me, this mind boggling in that we, in our country put so much on being free, yet we will give up that freedom at the smallest provocation just so we can feel safe. Well, I hate to bust you bubble, but that is not freedom. Freedom is a state of mind first and then a state of action. If you are not willing to fight for your freedom, then all you are is worthy of being a slave to any of those that seek to control you.

I have never seen so many stupid weak people as I have seen in the last year. These people seem to have the mindset that the nanny state knows what is best for them and they just line up to take whatever is dished out to them. They are so willing to pay whatever the price is just to comply and not rock the boat. God forbid that anyone speaks out against the injustice, for they are labeled as non-compliant and threat that must be eliminated at all cost. The are a clear and present danger, which I will admit that I am a part of. In other words, I will speak out and offend you if that is what it takes for you to wake up from your slumber and see the truth.

So what exactly is going to happen to you if you decide to wake up and take up the fight? What is it that you have to lose? For the fact is that you are already loosing everything that you hold dear. And what do you think you are going to leave for your grandchildren if you refuse to take up the sword and fight this war. While in the grand scheme  of things, you have been spoiled in life, why are you willing to leave your decedents in a state of slavery because you failed to act when you had the chance?

The sad thing is that the rest of the world is waiting for the United States of America to do something to stop the tyranny that is happening throughout the world. After are we are suppose to be the the beacon of life that values democracy. We are the great savior Nation that has become inept unless we be alone can benefit from it. And yet, we are so focused on other issues rather than the issue at hand. But, then again, we are a baby nation that has not been around that long when we compare it to the other nations that have a history of fighting for basic human rights.

So as I have noted at the beginning of this post, we are at war and we need to take it seriously. We need to identify the enemy’s and the collaborators and bring to them their just rewards. We have a long fight ahead of us, but remember that justice is on our side and history will note this as a great battle where the common man rose up and took their basic human rights back. Stand strong and stand together no matter what the sacrifice.