We Are The People

It would appear that the government has forgotten their rightful position. They are under the illusion that they are tasked with ruling the people under their charge. This is simply not the case and it would appear that it is the people that have forgotten this fact. So it is up to the people to remind them of the chain of command.

The way it works now is that the federal government is in charge. The states come next, followed by the cities and so forth until we get to the people. In other words, we are at the very bottom and as long as we follow the rules, we will be left alone.

The fact is that it is the People that are in charge and we elect those to represent us to ensure our constitutional rights. We are their employer in that we pay are taxes to support them. This is the problem in our society in that we allow others to rule over our lives and then pay them to do so. That being said, it is time that we re-evaluate our position and take ownership.

This cannot be a slow process with the hope that they will submit. This needs to be implemented NOW. Those that represent us, have stepped outside of their authority and must be put in their place with termination and prosecution. It is up to the people to ensure that this happens. If we do not do this now, we will loose any freedoms that we have left and will become a slave class to the elite.

What we have witnessed over the last 18 months is the total annihilation of what liberties we had left. What we witnessed is the evolution of tyranny in our own country. This is all done to keep us safe, which is the same narrative that we have heard over and over as they continue to decimate the constitution. Those that were elected to represent the people have not only violated their oath, but have also committed treason upon the people and must be held accountable.

The American People do not realize that the information that they are getting from the media is censored and does not begin to provide the mass scope of what is going on in their own country. They do not even realize what is going on in the rest of the world, because the Mainstream Media just does not cover it. The truth is that we have a media blackout to the truth. Does this remind you of some of the communist country’s that you have read about?

In America, it would appear that things are normal. After all, we can still go to the store and travel a bit. So we do not realize that anything is wrong. One must remember that we are the best country in the world. That the world looks to us as a light. So here in America. All is good

If the American People would take off their blinders of illusion and see what is happening throughout the world, they would be shocked. Maybe then they would realize that we are in the midst of a war in order to save humanity, Maybe, then they would be willing to take up arms and fight the tyranny that has taken over.

In order for the people to wake up in America, they will have to get to the point where their asses are gathered in the middle of the night and relocated to the camps for indoctrination. Then they might start to understand. However, most will probably go willingly, never realizing they had a choice to stop it while they could.

If you watch what is going on in the world today across the pond and down under, you would realize that our country is next on the chopping block. Unless, we take up arms now and resist, then what our forefathers fought and died for will be a distant memory. Your children’s children will never have any idea of what it was like to be free.

Right now, the world is literally begging America to wake up and see the demonic tyranny this is taking the world by storm. They are begging us to take a stand with them to defeat the enemy. They are crying out and suffering. Yet, we just go about our days as if everything will be fine and we do not need to do anything about it. After all, a great leader will come and save us.

Throughout my days, I have been ashamed at how easy it was for the People to give up their freedoms bit by bit. I do not even recognize this country anymore. It has become a cesspool of every depravity that can be imagined. The people just go along with it an accept it even though it violates their moral code. It is the leaders that represent us that have driven this decline and they are never held accountable. For they have the free will to do anything that they desire.

It is time that the American People “Wake The Fuck Up” It is time for the people of America fulfill their purpose and stand together against this tyranny. Now, is the time for a revolution. Now is the time for all of us to lay it on the line, even if it cost us our security and our live. For it is not about what we do now, but what we leave for future generation.

Make not mistake. “We Are At  War” In war, people die everyday. In the war we find ourselves in right now, many have died as of a result of the enemies attack on us. Our enemies have already breached our camp and are among us. It is time that we recognize this and that the appropriate measures to expose them and eliminate the threats.

So solder up America and assume formation. For now it is time to go into battle. It is time to March forward as one unrelenting force for the ultimate destruction of our enemies, which is the the deep state and any of the minions that are working in concert with them.

To those that want to continue to wear your tin hats and cower in the corner, stay out of our way for your own safety. We got this. We don’t need you to hold us back. Now to those that feel they need to stand against us, be prepared to meet your demise. What you did last year is nothing compared to The Storm That is Coming.

To The People of America. ” It is time to buckle up and rise up”


In Service to The King