Wear the Mask or Die

I refuse the Mask Mandate. I refuse to be conditioned like the rest of the sheep to comply to whatever they decide to impose on us. I refuse to get any vaccine. It is my body, my decision and my life.  This is not because I am hard headed. This is not because I am rebellious. This is not because I am not informed. They fact is, I am well informed and understand the ultimate agenda.

However, there are instances where I have no choice but to wear the mask. When I go for a medical appointment, I am forced to wear a mask. If I refuse, then I am denied any treatment even if it is life saving. This is where I have not choice. It is as if they stick a gun to my head and say “Wear this mask or take a bullet to the brain” I am not kidding. There are armed guards to insure that you do not get past the check points.

I have to go for surgery at the end of this month. Something that has been put off by the medical establishment because of this lie that has been perpetrated upon all of us. You see, our lives really do not matter to them. So now I find out that I MUST take a covid test before surgery, and if I test positive, then the surgery is cancelled. What a comforting thought. Because that way, if I die, they can claim that it is covid related as opposed to the real reason for my death. Just boost the numbers up and continue to instill fear into the sheep. Fear is the great motivator and it works.

The fact of the matter is that if I do not do the surgery, then I will die. So in order to have a chance of life, I am forced to comply with the mask and testing.