What Happened in Ohio?

With The World Wide Protest coming up next Saturday the 24th it would appear that Cleveland, Ohio has dropped out of the movement. Time is running out to organize it. The Telegram pages dedicated to the protest have no information, plans or updates. They just have posting like some of the facebook groups. This is a great disappointment.

However, we really should not be surprised. After all, they did kinda, sorta lifted some of the mandates and restrictions. So we in the great state of Ohio now have our carrot. We are on the road back to normal. Right?

What started off as a movement with protests in Ohio, seems to have ground to a halt. I guess people were not into the fight for the long haul. Just give it a little time so our voices were noticed, then go back to your old life as willing slaves.

But, then on a more positive note, we still do have a lot of folks here that are continuing to fight. So all is not lost for the people in Ohio. It is just shame that more people have not woken up from their stupor and taken up the cause to fight this great injustice.

Nevertheless, those of us that are in this fight will continue. We are not under the delusion that this will end anytime soon. For we were born for this great moment in time when humanity breaks the shackles of oppression and brings the enemies of humanity to justice.