What is Truth?

So just what is truth? With the current coverage of Covid-19, it is not easy to determine what is real, and what is fabricated. When you add in the deceptions of the governments throughout our history, how can any of us trust that the information that they share with us has any validity? But the fact is, that even those that distrust the government are easily persuaded into jumping onto the bandwagon and submitting to new rules imposed upon them and giving up their own civil liberties just to maintain the illusion of being safe.

My truth may or may not be your truth. But, this does not make it any less valid? How one determines the truth is based on what one see’s and experiences in their own lives. As we get older, we discover that the truth’s often change. This is called growth. Having one’s own truth set them free from the bondage of having to conform to the delusions that permeate our society.

As we watch the current events about the covid-19 unfold before us, how is it that any of us can believe that everything will go back to normal? What is happening, is the new normal and the realization that all of our lives are changed forever.  How many of us noticed just how quickly all of our life’s changed in such a short span of time? Do any of us really feel safer?

When I do go out, what I see is a society that is paralyzed by fear and panic. A society that has to risk their own lives, just to go out and get provisions in order to survive. This is just the beginning of the breakdown of all the comforts that we have become accustomed to. Like food and shelter. Yet, we all conform to the rules imposed upon us without question.

Take into account the governments surveillance of each and everyone of us. All eyes are upon us, and even our own neighbors, friends and family can’t wait to turn us in if they suspect any infraction of the rules imposed upon us.  If you think anything contrary to what they believe, you are suspect and considered an enemy to the greater good. This is nothing new though. You either conform to the group or you are an outcast. This is just more enhanced in that it promotes the most drastic measures to keep you inline.

While the government telegraphs measures that they are putting in place, most people fail to see the significance on what may be about to happen. For example, the activation of the Ready Reserves and bringing retired military members back into active status to fight this war on the unseen enemy.  Is the enemy the virus, or is it the people that may devolve into civil unrest as the isolation and lack of provisions compel them to take action?