Where Is Your Line?

How long will you remain in darkness and allow the destruction of your lives to continue? How is it that you are not aware of what going on in the world around you? Why would you continue to submit yourselves to the elite, thereby taking the role of a slave?

Right now, war has been declared on all of us. Unless we draw a line, we will all wake up into a world that we will have little chance of escaping. So where is YOUR line drawn? If you are waiting for things to just get better, then you are in for a rude awakening.

While you were sleeping, tyranny replaced the governments that you had become accustom too. It happened in an instant and most of you were not even aware of it simply because you were caught up in an illusion that it was for your own good and safety. You were so focused on the misinformation that the Main Stream Media was bombarding you with in order to keep you in a state of fear. This was ongoing and constant and designed to break you down. All you had to do was to listen in order to know the plans they had for you.

The moment that the first lock down was announced, the RED LIGHT of Danger lit up. Those of us that have been watching saw it immediately and implemented a resistance  against it. In other words, we warned you what was happening and what was coming. But, the mindless drones refused to listen or take heed to the danger that they were being subjected too. They worked against us and declared us as a threat.

What is perplexing is that lack of knowledge that most people have in what is happening in the world. It is not as if it is a hidden agenda and it is almost child’s play to gather the intelligence that takes very little effort. However, most of the people in my country do not even know how to use the internet in order to bypass the Mainstream Media in order to learn what is really going on in the world. Without knowledge, the people fail to act and allow their lives to be destroyed without even putting up any resistance. Now, they are coming for your kids, and you herd them too their death, and then cry about it because you did not listen.

So what is it going to take for you to take a stand of non compliance? How long are you going to let them continue to ruin your lives? You keep running and grabbing for a carrot that you will never be able to grasp. Have you become a weak people that just bends over and let the elite have their way with you?

Stop asking for your human rights to be restored. Stop expecting the system to work in your favor through the courts. Stop asking for your representatives to intervene on your behalf and enforce to constitutional rights that we have. Stop crying out for help from those that have turned out to be the enemies of humanity.¬† Stop believing that you have no power. Stop watching the propaganda and hearing the narrative. In other words…Just STOP. Take a pause. Listen to your gut. Then take action.

Right now. DRAW THE LINE. Do not allow this line to be crossed under any circumstance. Stand firm and DO NOT COMPROMISE. Do not negotiate. Do not allow yourselves to be intimidated. Do not give in to threats. Do not listen to any opposition. Do not FEAR. Have FAITH. Trust GOD. Walk in the light of GODS LOVE. Pray for STRENGTH and STAND FIRM.