Who’s Ready For The Military to Take Back The USA?

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This is a question that was asked in a forum recently. The responses where supportive of the Military being used to restore order in our streets. This seems to be a common theme lately with the idea that the proper order can be established.  We all know by now that the election was probably stolen and many want Trump to return to his rightful position as President.

“The Army is a broadsword, not a scalpel. Trust me, senator, you do not want the Army in an American city.”

Bruce Willis – General William Devereaux – The Siege (1998)

But, has anyone stopped to consider what life would be like with the Military occupying our cities and our streets? Life under Military Control would not be like anything any of us have experienced. Because the key word in “Control”. They will impose Martial Law when they deem it appropriate. They will raid you homes without a warrant. They will take you into custody on suspicion that you may be a threat. Once they take power, it is for the long haul. So be careful what you are proposing.

Did any of you ever consider that this is exactly what our enemy’s want? That they want us to be willing to give up our liberty and freedoms just for the illusion of being safe? I find it amazing on just how easy it is to compel the sheep to give up everything because they are all living in fear and do not see the traps that are in their paths. Critical Thinking is just not a part of their mindset. They believe everything they are told without question.

I will admit that I have entertained the idea of the Military being used to restore order. I will agree that it does sound exciting that justice will be served. That those that committed treason will pay the price. With the most powerful military force in the world, I have no doubts that this could happen. But, is it worth the price that each and everyone of us would pay? Allow me to paint a few scenarios.

Martial Law with a Curfew

The local commander for your region has declared Martial Law and set a curfew of 10:00 tonight and every night for the foreseeable future. It is now 10:01 and you have not made it to your home. What are you options?

  • You can hide in the shadows and try to make it home without being detected. However; if you are detected; you will either be caught and taken into custody or you will be shot on site.
  • You can shelter in place. However, you might be found and taken into custody or shot. You might be considered a threat.
  • You can turn yourself in. However, you will be interrogated and placed on a watch list. Provided they do not shoot you. Who knows how long your interrogation will last. You also will not be entitled to a phone call, so your loved ones will not know what is happening too you.

Ask any veteran that has taken been in a country where these rules were implemented. This is not a cake walk and it is terrifying.

A Neighbor Turns You In

It is the middle of the night and you are in bed. You are suddenly startled as they come crashing into you home and your bedroom. They are on edge and if you make the wrong move. Bang Bang. Your dead as is your family. However, if you comply and are just taken into custody, you will be interrogated. This interrogation is not like the police where you get to remain silent and ask for a lawyer. They get to use harsh techniques such as water boarding to compel you to give information. In other words, your rights are at their discretion.

So why did this happen. Well your barking dog irritated your neighbor, so they decided to turn you in for suspicious activity. Hey, the military does not need a warrant to raid your home. For them it is just an operation. Have fun with that.

Your Neighborhood Has Been Declared an Insurrection.

Any resistance to authority would be considered an insurrection. When that happens, all over your movements are restricted. Every establishment is closed and you are confined to your assigned space. This does not mean your home. This means a place where they can watch and control you. The pressure imposed is extreme and if you fail to comply, you will be taken away to a camp to be indoctrinated into the new system.

It does not take much to be declared a threat. All it takes is a meeting in someones home to justify this response. In other words. All will pay the price for the actions of a few. So you thought you had free speech? Guess again.

They Do Not Have The Same Mindset

The Military does not have the same mindset as the civilians. In fact, for the most part, they believe that the civilians are at a lower status. With that in mind, they will not hesitate to dominate you and it is in you best interest to obey without question. They do not concern themselves with the rule of law. They obey orders without question. If you think they only follow lawful orders, you need to understand that most can not always determine if an order is lawful or not.

The culture in the military is about control, obeying orders and complying. It also includes an element of threat. If a member of the military does not measure up with the group, well accidents do happen. You can not be in the military and have an opposing opinion if you expect not to be killed by your own people.

They Will Do Whatever It Takes

If your city erupts in violence. They will do whatever it takes to bring it under control. This would include the ultimate force to include shelling or bombing you out. Do not even underestimate what they are capable of doing. The innocent dying is just collateral damage. 

Closing Thoughts

Do not think I have anything against the Military. As a Veteran, I do have the upmost respect for those that decided to serve. Yet, I have seen the power of the military and the idea that we would consider using them on domestic soil give me reason to pause and be concerned.

The reality I fear is that the bloodshed would be at a level that most of us could not comprehend. People would rise up and be killed in the process. We would enter into an arena that we would have very little hope of escaping. Our freedoms would be gone and we would be living under a military regime that was not approved by the people. It would be a constant power struggle. The America that we grew up in would be gone. We would cease to be the shining light on the hill.