Why We Love Fact Checkers

So you have been censored. You have been blocked. You have been erased. All because of what is now called Fact Checkers. These are also known as Subject Matter Experts (SME). Their are actually classes on how to become one. The Veterans Administration uses these experts all the time in order to deny benefits to our veterans. But, this is about our Fact Checkers. So shall we continue.

So I come across a posting that is flagged as false information. We get flagged all the time. So what do I do? Do I just move on without question because it was flagged? No, I want to see how it was determined to be false. If it had not been flagged, I might have just ignored it and move on anyway. But, the curiosity compels me to dig in. So their tactic is counter productive. Not to mention the fact that they always expose themselves as incompetent morons. But, I digress. Because they stole our title.

The truth is that we are the true Fact Checkers. By that I mean all of you and me. We all gather the intelligence and share it. We are the one’s that seek out the true and find it, in spite of the narrative. The fact is that many of us have been doing this for decades. This is why they are afraid of us. We are the one’s that expose the lie’s and reveal the truth.

This is why we love the True Fact Checkers. For without them, we would all be in the dark and living in a hopeless delusional world that many are still living in. But, our eyes are opened and we see the truth and the diabolical plans of the enemy. So we continue to fight no matter the cost.

So they can continue to debate us. After all, it is good to have an open debate on issues. Free Speech and all that. We have truth on our side. I believe in my heart that it is GOD that gives us the desire to find this truth. With this, we have the strength and the motivation to endure.

So a call to action. Continue to be the True Fact Checkers. Continue to win the debates. Continue to be able to back up your data with facts. Dig Deeper. For we are the TRUE FACT CHECKERS.