Why You Should Protest

When our overseers are abusing us and attempting to remove our basic freedoms to survive, then we have a duty to speak out against the tyranny. For if we fail to make our voices heard, they will destroy not only us, but the generations that follow us. While in may be uncomfortable to step out of one’s comfort zone; once you do it; you will realize what power you have and that your opinion matters. You will also discover like minded people who as a group will embolden you to discover who you really are.

There is a collective energy that develops at a protest and the bigger the protest the more intense that energy becomes. Because, you are making a difference even if you do not see the results right away. The fact is that a successful protest campaign takes time and commitment. It is not something that can be over in a day. It needs to grow beyond our expectations.  It is the one thing that you will never regret or be ashamed of. It will become a part of your legacy that you tell your decedents about in your golden years.

Over the last 18 months we have suffered a great injustice imposed by those that believe that they have authority over us. The fact is that every single one of us knows what has happened and I do not even need to spell it out in detail. If you you do not realize it at this point, then their is no point in explaining any of it to you simply because you are lost and have given into the dark side.

Keep in mind that a protest is not just gathering in a crowd and marching with our sign. Although, I personally enjoy those moments. But a protest is taking an act of defiance and simply saying “No. I will not comply” What would have happened if people had refused the unlawful mandates over the last 18 months?

How is it that offering us a promise of freedom if we obeyed the rules making any sense at all? I thought we were taught that we were already free. Apparently not. Somewhere along the lines, we lost that freedom and found ourselves living in a tyrannical regime. We just never realized it until now. Unfortunately, most still do not realize this. For it is easier to live in the delusional world than it is to see the reality.

If we do not resist. If we continue to obey and comply. If we continue to believe that our government are working in our best interest. If we buy into the concept of building back better with their agenda. Then we will not only loose that last bit of freedoms that we have as humanity. We will loose our dignity and our lives. Because it goes beyond enslaving us. They are attempting to destroy us and wipe us out.

Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you would become a part of a clinical trial without you knowledge or consent? Did you ever imagine that they would intentionally poison your water, your food and now your body? Yes, I am talking about the shot that they call a vaccine. If you have doubts that this is happening, just look back at the history of what these diabolical monsters have done throughout the world. Now it is happening where you live.

These sick satanic diabolical monsters do not just want to kill us and wipe us out. They want us to suffer. The want us to endure such pain that we will even turn away from GOD just to stop the suffering. Yes you heard me right. For they intend to destroy what GOD has created in you. My question is. ” Can you see it yet?”

Now I want you to read this part very carefully. Then read it again and again. Because I am going to reveal a secret to you. We are more powerful than they are. They hide in the dark so that we can not see what they are doing. And if you glance into the dark, you will see. I know. You want me to prove it? Lets try an experiment then.

Go into the darkest room where you live. Light a match, lighter, candle, whatever. Tell me what do you see. It really is not that hard. Can you see how that little light dispels the darkness? Now imagine 2 light and the 3. What happens?

Here is my point. Our light will destroy the darkness. Our light comes from the GOD that is in us. Do you see the real power that we have yet? Are you still afraid? Of course your not, because you know who and what you are.