You Killed Grandma

Since you refused to wear your mask, you killed grandma. At least that is the rhetoric that they would have you believe. Even though you are not sick and have no symptoms, you can still kill grandma since you are a carrier of this deadly virus. Don’t you find it amazing that you can be a homicidal serial killer without a weapon? Just think of the power that you have in your very hands. And it has no physical effect on you. Now, that is power.

They tell us to wear a mask for the protection of others. It shows how much we care. Never you mind what it does to your own health. As long as you show that you care about people that you don’t even know, you are a good person. Your sacrifice to save the world from this so called deadly enemy will go unnoticed in history. In other words, you will not be remembered for the sacrifice that you made.

When did guilt become such a powerful tool in the manipulation on humanity? We never cared about the destruction of groups of people before. So why now? And when did we really start caring so much for strangers that we don’t even know, that we would sacrifice everything for them, just so they could have the illusion that they are safe? When did any of us care about the feelings of people that we don’t even know?

Why is it that we have to continue to pamper these mindless drones who choose to live in fear, rather than use their brain to see that the pieces of the puzzle do not fit. It is really easier to play the victim and beg for sympathy, then it is to take responsibility, and see things for how they really are. It is easier to just run in terror with the crowd, than it is to see the truth and reveal it.

So here is my truth. I do not care about your delusions. You say that wearing a mask shows that I care about you. The fact is, I don’t even know you. So why am I required to care about you and your unfounded feeling? The simple truth is that I don’t. I don’t even care about your opinion if it is something that is just regurgitated over and over and is not based on any facts. Think about it. The more a story is told, the more that get lost in the translation until it resembles nothing close to the original story. This is simply because we all add our own spin in it. It is called gossip, and we all know how reliable that is.

So if you want to wear a mask and your tin foil hat, go for it. It you want to live in fear based off of a lie, that is your choice. If you want to compromise your breathing to the point that you become sick and die, I won’t stop you. It will accomplish the agenda of reducing the world population, which is better for those of us that are left standing in the end. Plus it has the advantage of exterminating people that do not have the ability to use their brains. This is called evolution. It is thinning the herd of the weak. That is the way nature works.