Your Safety When Confrontations are Unavoidable

Tear gas
• Check the wind and move against the wind.
• Spread information about where to go amongst the protesters on the streets.
• Never go out without masks – even the paper masks handed out at doctor’s offices or masks used to cover nose and mouth when gardening will provide some protection.
• Wear synthetic fibers at best (Ex. Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester). Tear gas will not stay on clothing made of these.
• Fabric doused with vinegar will help neutralize tear gas.
• If you have some, take physiological serum (saline solution – contact solution, available at most pharmacies) with you (rinse eyes with it, it will wash them without burning). If you cannot find any saline solution, flush your eyes VERY WELL with clean cold water. Thoroughly rinse off any areas of exposed skin as well.
• Diving masks hold off a lot.

Riot cops and Rubber Bullets
• Use trash can lids as shields to protect yourself
• If you can use skiing, motorcycle or motocross equipment to soften the impact of rubber bullets and police clubs
• If you don’t have anything like this, use adult diapers and plastic box lids to protect genitals and chest.
• Don’t wear anything too heavy or too uncomfortable, because your running speed in light equipment is your key advantage against heavy equipped riot cops.
• Riot cops usually wear facial protection, like gas masks etc. if a fight is inevitable, use spray paint to hinder their sight, so you can escape.